Hanfu Making(7) – Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

This section contains Banbi (半臂).

Size range: Jiao Ling Banbi  (155/80A to 185/104A), Zhi Dui Jin Banbi and Xie Dui Jin Banbi (155/64A to 175/96A).

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Banbi (半臂), also known as “half-sleeve”, is a short tunic developed from the upper Ru (襦) since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and can be roughly divided into two collar types: Jiao Ling (交领, cross-collar) and Dui Jin (对襟, lapel). Compared with long-sleeved tops, the difference is that the sleeve length can reach the elbow.

In the Tang Dynasty, the Banbi was already a popular garment worn by both men and women. In the long years, its wearing method is also basically limited to the set of other long-sleeved clothes, because in formal occasions, the ancient people will never wear Banbi alone and show the arm.

But with modern aesthetics, today’s Jiao Ling Banbi (交领半臂) can be worn alone in summer, which is somewhat similar to the short-sleeved T-shirts worn by modern people, and because of its shorter sleeve length, it does not hurt to pair it with a modern skirt, and men can also wear a Banbi with fashionable pants underneath.

The Dui Jin Banbi relies on the tie in front of the chest to fix the two lapels, because the collar is wide and the two lapels are open, so it must be set outside of other clothes (this is the same as the Beizi), in addition, both sides need to be slit, and the lower body can be matched with pleated skirt or pants.

The Dui Jin Banbi can also be divided into Zhi Dui Jin Banbi (straight, 直对襟半臂) and Xie Dui Jin Banbi (oblique, 斜直对襟半臂), which are very similar in appearance, the difference only lies in the form of the collar.

Hanfu Making(7) - Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

Jiao Ling Banbi, Zhi Dui Jin Banbi, and Xie Dui Jin Banbi


Size chart

Hanfu Making(7) - Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns Hanfu Making(7) - Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns Hanfu Making(7) - Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns


Jiao Ling Banbi (交领半臂)


Zhi Dui Jin Banbi (直对襟半臂)


 Xie Dui Jin Banbi (斜对襟半臂)


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Hanfu Making(7) - Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

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