History & Culture

  • 3 Special Ming Dynasty Ornaments You Never Knew About
  • Hanfu Dressing Elements for Dragon Boat Festival
  • Fabulous Dunhuang Murals & Its Color Inspiration for Hanfu
  • Shenyi – Ancient Hanfu Style Revered by Confucians
  • History and Type of Chinese Nail Guards
  • What is the Chinese Jade Ruyi Scepter
  • Fashion Secrets in Traditional Chinese Jewelry Boxes
  • Zimu Kou – Exquisite Ming Style Hanfu Button
  • History of Chinese Dress: Kaleidoscope of Tang Costume
  • 5 Most Popular Chinese Instruments
  • A Long Painting about Chinese Silk Production
  • 2 Best Matching inside the Hanfu Skirts
  • Then and Now of the Chinese Traditional Changshan
  • What is Hezi Qun – Origins and Types
  • Traditional Chinese Clothing – What do you wear in China
  • History of Chinese Silk Crafts: Cloud Brocade(Yunjin)
  • How Did Men Makeup in Ancient China?
  • Traditional Ancient Chinese Hairstyles History
  • The History of Ancient Chinese Official Hats – Wu Sha Mao
  • What is Da Hu – Chinese Traditional Male Clothing
  • What is a Modern Hanfu? 2021 China’s Fashion Guide
  • 5 Steps to Figure Out the Chinese Female Outfits (Ming)
  • Guide to Hanfu Types Summary & Dress Codes (Ming Dynasty)
  • Tang Suit – Chinese Traditional Costume (History & Change)
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