History & Culture

  • The Origin and Meaning of the Tiger Hat - Chinese Traditional Children’s Clothing
  • Chinese Colours in the Traditional Costumes of Various Dynasties
  • History of Wigs in Ancient China
  • History of Chinese Traditional Rings
  • Recognizing Iconic Hanfu Styles From 6 Key Dynasties
  • History of Chinese Traditional Necklace & Choker
  • Origins of the Qingming Festival
  • Chinese Gift Taboos
  • Guide to Identifying Chinese Traditional Auspicious Ornaments
  • Are the Beijing Opera Costume the Same to Hanfu Costume?
  • The Origin of Cheongsam and Chinese Women Is the Memory of Stunning Times
  • Incorporate Chinoiserie Into Your Gift Ideas in 2022
  • History and Features of Traditional Han Dynasty Makeup Look
  • History of Traditional Chinese Eyebows Makeup - Material & Shape
  • Detail of Royal Hanfu Dress for Ming Dynasty Noble Women
  • Hanfu vs Qipao, Cheongsam: What's the Difference?
  • History of Chinese Traditional Filigree Inlay Art
  • A Guide to Identifying the Hairstyles of Tang Dynasty Female Figurines
  • How the Ancient Chinese Wear to Stay Warm in the Winter
  • How Did Osmanthus Fit Into the Life of the Ancients?
  • 5 Classic Hanfu Sleeve Types in Ming Dynasty
  • 4 Types of Famous Chinese Embroidery (History and Feature)
  • How to Match the Northern and Southern Dynasties Hanfu
  • Chinese Clothing & Hanfu Documentaries Recommendations - Updating
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