2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

Hi everyone,

Welcome to newhanfu.com, the Newhanfu Community.

“To help more people to understand Hanfu costume, Chinese traditional culture and feel the charm of China!” – this is our philosophy, which we have been insisting for many years. And we are so glad that we are still here with all of you.

In order to give back to all readers for long-term support, we have prepared a variety of fascinating hanfu costume gifts for those who love and give publicity to Hanfu.

Starting from 2021, we have officially launched the Free Giveaways & Contests Activity. We are looking forward to your participation and get your first set of hanfu costume.

Please Choose a plan to start with:


Newhanfu community users who have got 10,000 points (Experienced) will receive a random Lucky Package (value = $75~$150 USD) with Hanfu Costume Set inside.  (Activity time: from AM 09:00 EST, 01/02/2021 to AM 09:00 EST, 30/06/2021).


Till  AM 09:00 (EST), 28/02/2021, the top 3 users of Wealth Ranking (administrators and authors of Newhanfu are not included) will get a random Lucky Package (value = $75~$150 USD) with Hanfu Costume Set inside.

Note: Once confirmed, we’ll contact you for your shipping address, wear size, prefer style & color. Then you just wait for the surprise to come to your door.



1. How do I earn points?

1.1: Submissions of articles/news

We have opened up article/news submissions, to avoid spam messages and ensuring the high quality of content, new users can only submit articles/news when they reach 1000 points.

For articles:

  • The article’s topic is related to hanfu
  • Original, No Plagiarism
  • Over 600 words (in English)

And you can earn 600+ points once your article is selected, the exact number of points earned will depend on the word count of your article, the reward rules are as follows:

  • Points for articles with 600 words = 600 points;
  • Points for articles with 1000 words = 1000 points;
  • Points for articles with 2000 words = 2000 points.

For news, you can earn 250 points once your news (more than 150 words) is selected.

How to submit articles/news:

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

How to submit articles/news (mobile web page):

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests


1.2: Daily Check-In/Daily Tasks

How to check-in:

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

Daily Tasks:

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

Daily Check-in/Daily Tasks (mobile web page):

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests


1.3: Feedback on website bugs

You can receive 200-500 points, once accepted by the administrator:

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests


1.4: Post topics in the group

When you post a topic that receives 50 likes, you can get 200 points.

Frequency of participation: once a week.

How to post a topic:

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests

How to post a topic (mobile web page):

2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests


2. Do I have to pay any fees?

No, all gifts are free and we’ll pay the shipping fee for you. Only a few countries may impose taxes on international packages, if that happeneds, unfortunately, you have to pay the tax bill to customs in your area.

3. When I won, how to Contact?

  • PLAN A: please send an email to [email protected] with your Registration email & Username. (Note: We need some time to confirm the completion of the PLAN you provided and will reply to you as soon as possible within 48 hours).
  • PLAN B: we will announce the top three users in the rankings and contact them on 1 March by 12:00 pm (EST).

4. How long will I receive the gift package?

Once we confirm that your PLAN is 100% completed. We’ll get in touch with you right away to confirm your shipping address and needed information. The package will be sent out within 15 days. And it usually takes another 15 days to arrive at your city and delivery.

5. How many times can I participate?

For Plan A and PLAN B, you (single user account) can participate once each, which means a single user account have a chance to win two sets of Hanfu.

6. Need Help?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us: [email protected].

Finally, please read and follow the official rules.

We reserve all the rights for the final explanation.



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