Hanfu Making(4) - Beizi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

This section contains Beizi (褙子), which can be divided into: Xie Duijin Beizi(斜对襟褙子), Zhi Duijin Beizi (直对襟褙子).

Size range:  155/80A to 175/96A.

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Beizi is a kind of top with a pair of lapels, which relies on two ties in front of the chest to hold it in place, so it must be worn over other clothes, and is knee-length with slits on both sides. In the Ming Dynasty, it was also called "Pifeng".

Hanfu Making(4) - Beizi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

Beizi can be worn by both men and women, with men mostly using them as Bianfu (便服) and women using them as Lifu (礼服, formal dresses). There are two types of Beizi painted in this section: Xie Duijin (diagonal lapels) Beizi and Zhi Duijin (straight lapels) Beizi, mainly women's wide-sleeved Beizi, with a Ma Mian Qun or pleated skirt underneath.

In addition, for the Zhi Duijin Beizi, you can make men's Beizi by enlarging the size and making slight alterations, or you can make women's narrow-sleeved Beizi by reducing the size of the sleeves.



Size chart

Hanfu Making(4) - Beizi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

Hanfu Making(4) - Beizi Cutting & Sewing Patterns



Xie Duijin Beizi(斜对襟褙子)



 Zhi Duijin Beizi (直对襟褙子)



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Hanfu Making(4) - Beizi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

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