Makeup & Hairstyle

  • History of Traditional Chinese Eyebows Makeup (Material & Shape)
  • History of Chinese Traditional Filigree Inlay Art
  • Hanfu in 2077? Post-95 Girl Made Cyberpunk Style Chinese Clothes
  • What is Traditional Chinese Makeup? (1)
  • A Guide to Identifying the Hairstyles of Tang Dynasty Female Figurines
  • The Evolution of Traditional Chinese Makeup Culture
  • Collection of Ancient Chinese Makeup Style (Each Dynasty)
  • History and Type of Chinese Nail Guards
  • Fashion Secrets in Traditional Chinese Jewelry Boxes
  • 10 Types of Traditional Chinese Hairpins to Match Hanfu
  • How Did Men Makeup in Ancient China?
  • Traditional Ancient Chinese Hairstyles History
  • Ancient Chinese Headdress Qing Dynasty Bian Fang
  • Chinese Hanfu Hairstyle Tutorial – 4 [Legend of the White Snake]
  • Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!
  • Chinese Hanfu Hairstyle Tutorial – 3 [Without Wig Buns]
  • Traditional Chinese Hair Jewelry – Ming Style Diji & Tiaopai
  • History of Traditional Chinese Hair Accessories
  • Hairstyle Tutorial for Traditional Chinese Hanfu Dress – 2
  • History of Tang Dynasty Makeup Style
  • History of Chinese Traditional Earrings
  • 3 Basic Elements of Classical Hanfu Makeup
  • Huadian – A Special Hanfu Makeup for Female
  • Modern Hanfu Drawing & Cosplay – Restore the Tang Dynasty
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