Hanfu Making(6) - Quju Cutting & Sewing Patterns

This section contains Quju (曲裾).

Size range: 155/80A to 175/96A.

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The basic style of the Quju is the Jiao Ling You Ren, the back lapel is lengthened to form a triangle, which passes down the back and around to the front lapel, and then a Dadai (大带) is tied around the waist to cover the end of the triangle, with a pleated skirt underneath.

Hanfu Making(6) - Quju Cutting & Sewing Patterns

The Quju was popular from the pre-Qin to Han dynasties, before the invention of the Ku (袴), and could be worn by both men and women, with the hemline of the men's Quju being wider and the hemline of some women's Quju taking on a unique "trumpet flower" style.

Later, men's Quju gradually disappeared, and for a long time, Quju remained in the mainstream of women's clothing.

However, in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Ruqun, which was easier to wear and more convenient for walking, became widely popular, while the Quju began to disappear, and in the long history that followed, the most popular women's clothing was the Ruqun style.

Although the Quju disappeared early in history, it is still loved by many Hanfu lovers today.

The modern Quju is based on the ancient form of the Quju, and based on some relevant historical information, a modified modern Quju has been created with reference to the traditional Quju form and modern aesthetics, but it differs from the traditional Quju that has a solid historical basis, and the distortion of the Quju restoration is related to its age and the lack of physical objects.

The Quju illustrated in this chapter contains some modern aesthetic elements, but still conforms to the basic features of Chinese clothing and has the basic form of Quju, which still belongs to the category of modern Chinese clothing.



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Hanfu Making(6) - Quju Cutting & Sewing Patterns



Quju (曲裾)



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Hanfu Making(6) - Quju Cutting & Sewing Patterns

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