Hanfu Making(8) - Shuhe Cutting & Sewing Patterns

This section contains Shuhe (裋褐).

Size range: 165/88A to 185/104A).

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Shuhe (裋褐), also known as "Duan Da (短打)", originally meant a coarse cloth upper garment woven with coarse hemp or animal hair, was a simple cross-collar upper garment worn by commoners in ancient China, usually with looser pants underneath, mostly used for casual wear or work clothes.

The basic features of the Shuhe are Jiao Ling You Ren (交领右衽, cross collar and wrapping the right side before the left), the shortest sleeve length over the wrist, the longest slightly beyond the fingertips, mostly straight sleeves or arrow sleeves, narrower cuffs, the length of the garment to below the waist, the longest above the knee, and the two sides need to be divided into slits.

Hanfu Making(8) - Shuhe Cutting & Sewing Patterns

Shuhe can not simply be equated with the cloth worn by the poor, although this garment can not do the formal occasions worn by the dress, but its use is very wide, and the use of Shuhe is determined by its characteristics, because wearing Shuhe more convenient for action, so it has become a daily work, farming, long-distance travel necessary clothing, in addition, Shuhe can also be used as a traditional martial arts clothing.

Of course, modern people do not wear Shuhe to participate in work, but Shuhe is still loved by many Hanfu lovers. Because of its simplicity, narrow sleeves, and not too long length, can still be used as a casual dress for modern men, and a Shuhe with modern fashion pants is a new fashionable way to dress.


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Hanfu Making(8) - Shuhe Cutting & Sewing Patterns


Shuhe (裋褐)


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Hanfu Making(8) - Shuhe Cutting & Sewing Patterns

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