Hanfu Making(1) - Zhongyi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

This section includes Zhongyi (中衣) and Zhongku (中裤).

Size range: Zhongyi (155/80A to 185/104A), Zhongku (155/64A to 185/88A)

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Zhongyi, also known as Liyi, is worn outside of underwear and within outerwear (the Chinese meaning of 中 is equivalent to the middle), and its role is similar to that of a shirt in modern clothing, which can be used to match and complement the role of Zhongyi. Zhongyi cannot be worn outside, and in addition to playing the role of a shirt, it can also be used as home wear and pajamas.

The Zhongyi illustrated in this section is the common cross-collar arrow-sleeved Zhongyi, while the broad Zhongyi also includes Zhongdan (中单), Zhongku (中裤, pants), and Zhognqun (中裙, skirts).

Zhongyi common fabric types are cotton, cotton linen, chiffon, monochrome satin, etc. In addition to the most commonly used white fabric, girls can also choose colored fabrics when they match the Ruqun, the colors of which are bright green, soft yellow, peach, purple and gray, etc. Men wearing Pan collar robe with Zhongyi can also choose red.

Because Zhongyi's body and collar than the outer clothing are more fitted, the collar edge is slightly higher than the outer clothing, so wearing the outer clothing will often show a little Zhongyi's collar. For the convenience of movement and beauty, the sleeves of Zhongyi are often shorter than those of outerwear, and the sleeve type of Zhongyi worn with everyday clothes is mostly arrow sleeves or straight sleeves, while the sleeve type of Zhongyi worn with wide sleeves formal dresses are mostly wide sleeves.

The Zhongku shown in this section is mainly for matching Zhongyi, for example, men wear Zhongyi and Zhongku, which can be matched with outerwear such as Daopao, Zhiduo, and Pan collar robes on the outside. Although women's clothing in Hanfu is mainly skirts, they can also wear Zhongku and then wear skirts outside.



Size chart

Hanfu Making(1) - Zhongyi Cutting & Sewing Patterns Hanfu Making(1) - Zhongyi Cutting & Sewing Patterns



Zhongyi (中衣)



Zhongku (中裤)



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Hanfu Making(1) - Zhongyi Cutting & Sewing Patterns

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