Banbi - The Best Hanfu in Summer

In hot summer, light Hanfu becomes the first choice, and Banbi (半臂, half-arm) is a good match single product.

Banbi Origin

Banbi is a kind of short-sleeved jacket in ancient China, was developed from the half sleeve of the Han and Wei Dynasties. The length of the Banbi reaches the waist, sleeves less than elbow length. Suitable for work, so it is popular among people.

Affected by Huhua, it became a modern dress for women in Sui and Tang Dynasties. Banbi later appeared in a large number of murals, figurines, and other cultural relics in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

Banbi's Style and Matching

Banbi was very popular in the early Tang Dynasty, which was related to wearing a small sleeve jacket at that time. In the late Tang Dynasty after the flourishing Tang Dynasty, clothes gradually became fat, wearing large sleeve shirts outside, Banbi can no longer be worn outside, in this period, the scope of application of Banbi gradually narrowed. In Tang Dynasty, Banbi were mainly worn with long skirts, usually on coats.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

Banbi has two styles, a symmetrical collar, and a pullover U-shaped low collar. Some have the same pattern as clothes. In the early Tang Dynasty, the Banbi were narrow and close to the body, and most of them had a low collar. At the end of Wu Zetian's reign, the Banbi was changed to a symmetrical collar, and the clothes on both sides were tied together by a tie.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

By the Song Dynasty, Banbi was still a fashionable dress, but it was already a very common dress. It was no longer the exclusive dress of the upper aristocracy and could be worn by men, women, old and young.

Banbi was still popular in the Yuan Dynasty, and most of them were decorated to become gorgeous and rich.

Banbi in Modern Times

In daily wear, the Banbi can also be well integrated into daily life. Let's enjoy the beautiful Banbi together.

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm
The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

The Best Hanfu in Summer--Half Arm

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    The last picture... Isn't it Wei-Jin hanfu? And cross collars were not mentioned, but they are in the pictures?

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    To be honest, a banbi is the easiest way you can put a dash of hanfu in your everyday life ✨

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