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About different styles of hanfu wear recommended: traditional hanfu, modern hanfu, hanfu inspired, hanfu accessories, etc. Also includes tips on how to wear hanfu during seasons and traditional festivals.



2021 best popular Chinese drama you should watch. See more ideas about Cdrama, TV shows, Movies, and top 10 Chinese dramas.


Hanfu Making

About Hanfu making, including cutting & sewing patterns for different Hanfu styles.


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Hanfu makeup skill and hairstyle tutorial


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History culture research and discussion


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All about China, and traditional Chinese culture

  • In Henan, China, there is an immortal mountain: Laojun Mountain. With the snow-capped mountains and clouds surrounding the top, many Hanfu lovers visit here to take pictures of the fairyland in their.
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  • Henan's traditional cultural works are deeply remembered by too many people. The "Tang Palace Night Banquet", a recreation of the Tang Sancai music figurines, shows the beauty of the T.
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  • In recent years, hanfu has been flourishing all over China, and there are large and small hanfu events held every month. So what are the specific cities with the best hanfu atmosphere? Hanfu Z.
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The most worth reading article in Newhanfu, it will lead you to start the initial understanding of hanfu, and traditional Chinese dress culture.

  • 2021 can be considered a prolific year for Chinese hanfu costume related programs. In addition to the familiar Henan TV, which presents a wonderful tour series on the occasion of Chinese traditional .
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  • The history of Chinese women's make-up is very long. After the rotation of dynasties, the traditional Chinese makeup has changed with the development of the times, reflecting the changes in cust.
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  • Ming Dynasty Hanfu clothing refers to the clothing system in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At th.
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Interesting hanfu stories

  • Wearing armor, riding a horse, holding a traditional weapon, fighting on the battlefield. Such a scene may have appeared in the dreams of many people when they were young. But there is a person who t.
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  • Not a week later and I'm back again with the details on our even larger, even longer hanfu out.
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  • Hey everyone—a little busy as of late, but rest assured that I am not dead! I just had to pop back to belatedly report on the 2022 Scholar's Garden Hanfu Outing organized by Yulan/Chlobaltblue i.
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Beautiful hanfu photos

  • In the Hanfu circle, there are many famous female models, and if you often follow hanfu catwalks and the latest hanfu products, you definitely know them well. Their looks are not only beautiful, b.
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  • As a traditional Chinese costume, hanfu can not only bring out the elegance and dignity of women, but also make men become classical and courteous. We have compiled the top 10 of the hottest hanfu.
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  • It's that time of year again when the maple leaves are in red, so put on your hanfu and make memories in the fall. Preparation of clothing Maple leaves, the color is bright and enthusiasti.
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Hanfu Video Library.

  • With the popularity of "A Dream of Splendor", the Chinese traditional folk life of the So.
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  • Most of you have probably watched similar kinds of videos involving ‘transitions’—essentially, transitioning from modern-day or loungewear-like attire to being dressed up in gufeng-style hanfu. Why n.
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  • Why did the Qin dynasty dress admire the black color? What were the forms of women's clothing in the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties? What are the characteristics of men's clothing.
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