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Hanfu latest news

  • We have mentioned Henan_TV several times in our articles, as it has surprised us several times on traditional Chinese festivals. Of course, as one of the most important traditional festivals in China, the Mid-Autumn Festival, they naturally won't be absent. From "Tang Palace Night Banquet (唐宫夜宴)", to "Luo Shen Shui Fu (洛神水赋)", Henan TV has always recreated a classic image…
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  • While more and more young people are wearing various Chinese costumes and it is also common to see exciting videos related to hanfu on social media. The hanfu market, which was once considered a "niche" market, is also gaining in popularity. According to the China-Chic Economic Development Report 2020-2021 published by iiMedia Research earlier this year, by the end of…
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  • On the afternoon of Aug. 4, 2021, a group of post-95 and post-00 girls gathered at a Hanfu Experience Hall in Guangzhou to try Hanfu styling for the first time. The room was decorated with landscape paintings on the wall, ink, and brush, and guzheng on the table, and the hanfu stylist was weaving twist braids for the experience participants,…
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History & Culture

History culture research and discussion

  • The rejuvenation of modern hanfu is inextricably linked to the redesign of many hanfu styles and the incorporation of modern elements. However, hanfu is still more based on traditional forms, and most Hanfu styles are currently restored based on books, cultural relics, murals, and collections. And speaking of hanfu collections, you may have heard of one place, the Kong Family…
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  • Dear veteran viewers of ancient Chinese costume dramas, I'm sure that for everyone, the plot of the hanfu beauty, palace plot, power rivalry, wrongly paid life, and so on has long been known. However, I wonder if you have caught the details to keep up with the fashion trends of traditional accessories throughout the dynasties? For example, what kind of…
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  • Cheongsams or Modern Qipao are a kind of figure-flattering Chinese dress perfect for showcasing a lady’s features gracefully. It is no wonder they’re becoming ever more prevalent to wear, particularly for special occasions like your wedding. But the modern qipao can be worn anytime for any event. Although there are nearly too many choices when shopping for the Western wedding…
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Makeup & Hairstyle

Hanfu makeup skill and hairstyle tutorial

  • Not enough hair volume to braid? Wear a wig and feel too heavy? Not sure what kind of hairstyle to wear with your hanfu? Let's learn a simple hanfu hairstyle (without adding a wig) today. 1. First divide the hair into the front and back, divided into areas as shown. 2. Divided into four parts, respectively, tied into braids. 3.…
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  • Traditional Chinese nail guards (Zhi Jia Tao, 指甲套), also known as "Hu Zhi (护指, finger protection)". The ancient palace noblewomen used gold and silver to make nail guards to protect their nails and show their status, were extremely fine and gorgeous, with a wide variety. If you have watched the wonderful historical TV drama Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace,…
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  • A complete hanfu look is certainly not complete without fine jewelry to match. In the course of ancient history, traditional Chinese jewelry naturally evolved, graceful and luxurious, or refined and small. In this article, we will reveal through the order of dynasties, the fashion secrets in ancient traditional Chinese jewelry boxes. Let's see those periods of "China-Chic" how fashionable.  …
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Wear Hanfu

About different styles of hanfu wear recommended: traditional hanfu, modern hanfu, hanfu inspired, hanfu accessories, etc. Also includes tips on how to wear hanfu during seasons and traditional festivals.

  • Traditional hanfu is very beautiful and will make a very strong impression. Sophisticated, elegant, and full of rich details, it looks more appropriate for a formal traditional festival or occasion. This is certainly one of the most correct ways to wear it, but fashionable hipsters who wear hanfu always manage to incorporate fashion into their outfits. What is the best…
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  • Many newcomers to hanfu often wonder, what hanfu style suits me? Which dynasty hanfu style is more suitable for my body shape? If you have this same confusion, please don't worry, after all, hanfu is a brand new style of clothing for most people, but it's really not that complicated. In this article, I will share a few hanfu selection…
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  • Hanfu is not just the costume of the Han Dynasty, as many people understand. Rather, it refers to the clothing system developed over the past 4,000 years from the Yellow Emperor to the end of the Ming Dynasty, with Chinese civilization as the center. It represents China's national character of harmony, elegance, and gentleness, which is dignified but not too…
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2021 best popular Chinese drama you should watch. See more ideas about Cdrama, TV shows, Movies, and top 10 Chinese dramas.

  • The recently released new Chinese drama "Song of Youth" attracted a lot of people's attention. The drama tells the story of Lin Shaochun, the daughter of an official family, who maintains the relationship between her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law within the Sun family and solves various crises outside to finally achieve a happy and successful life. Many viewers are attracted by…
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  • Have you ever heard of that trivia tidbit where it's like "the Chinese were so impressed by Kung Fu Panda that they held meetings to figure out why they couldn't produce something as good as it with their own culture"? Well, it's true. That did happen. And the answer is probably a combination of a lack of financial and cultural…
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  • In fact, while making this list today I found out there are so many upcoming costumed dramas that I'm waiting for.  This post is dedicated to my favorite upcoming costumed series, from historical to fantasy. Anyways, I hope you all are ready, today we will be going over the Top 14 Most Anticipated Upcoming Chinese Dramas in 2021. 1. Novoland…
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Hanfu Making

About Hanfu making, including cutting & sewing patterns for different Hanfu styles.

  • This section contains Zhiduo (直裰), Zhishen (直身), Daopao (道袍). Size range: 165/88A to 185/104A). Please read the introduction of the topic and how to use this guide in advance.   Introduction Zhiduo is a kind of costume from the Song Dynasty, the initial is mostly worn by monks, a few literati also wear, Song Zhiduo is generally not slit. By…
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  • Made this vest from the last of white striped chiffon.
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  • This section contains Shuhe (裋褐). Size range: 165/88A to 185/104A). Please read the introduction of the topic and how to use this guide in advance. Introduction Shuhe (裋褐), also known as "Duan Da (短打)", originally meant a coarse cloth upper garment woven with coarse hemp or animal hair, was a simple cross-collar upper garment worn by commoners in ancient China,…
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Beautiful hanfu photos

  • Harper's BAZAAR took a series of Hanfu photoshoot, using five covers corresponding to five historical dynasties to tell the classic story of "Hanfu", spanning five dynasties: Han, Jin, Tang, Song and Ming, based on ancient books, cultural relics, paintings and calligraphy, and interpreted by five models, trying their best to restore the splendor of Hanfu culture.
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  • The 1st Hanfu Expo - Xiuwu has been grandly opened! Through the pictures, let's feel the heat of the scene.
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  • Many girls like to take a set of Hanfu photos as a memory when they buy a new Hanfu. When we take portraits, besides paying attention to our hairstyle and makeup, there is also a very important aspect, which is the decoration we hold in our hands when taking pictures. Now there are many ancient style decorations available for us…
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Interesting hanfu stories

  • This year, the Cantonese opera movie "Snake White (白蛇传·情)" was released, the combination of traditional Chinese opera and modern visual effects, let us surprised: the original traditional culture can also be so fashionable! And the protagonist of today's story, anthropomorphizing the mysterious and mythical creatures in the Shan Hai Jing, recreates the magnificent world of mythology. She has been reported…
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  • Contributed article from user Shengli for 2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests PLAN C (My Story with Hanfu). Through your dislike of the gauze hat as mean, You have come to be locked in a cangue; Yesterday, poor fellow, you felt cold in a tattered coat, To-day, you despise the purple embroidered dress as long! Confusion reigns far and wide!…
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  • Contributed article from user LiangYuZuan for 2021 Hanfu Free Giveaways & Contests PLAN C (My Story with Hanfu). I had been exposed to Hanfu early as a child. I remember watching "Liang Shan Bo, Zhu Ying Tai" (1979) and Jacky Chan starring in "The Young Master" (1979) in theater while waylaying in Macau. I also remember seeing Shirley Temple films in black…
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Travel China

All about China, and traditional Chinese culture

  • The Mid-Autumn Festival, the second-largest folk festival in the Chinese festival system next to the Spring Festival, has spawned countless legends and poems over the centuries. “明月几时有,把酒问青天。不知天上宫阙,今夕是何年?” "How long will the full moon appear? Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky. I do not know what time of the year 'Twould be tonight in the palace on high." In…
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  • This year, China's Henan TV continuously brings surprises to lovers of traditional culture and hanfu culture. Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi Festival, every important Chinese traditional festival, we will see the wonderful programs presented by Henan TV, the most exciting part of which is dancing. Not only offers a holiday gift to all lovers of Chinese traditional…
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  • Umbrellas are very common in daily life. Whether it's a hot sun or a downpour, an umbrella is definitely your best assistant. Not only that, in the modern hanfu shooting, the appearance rate of the ancient style oil-paper umbrella is extremely high. The demand for shade from the sun and rain has been there since ancient times, take a look,…
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Hanfu Interview

  • Perhaps we have lived in the city for too long, busy for a long time, but more and more longing for beautiful scenery outside the city. Recently, there is such a post 90s guy, wearing Hanfu, out of the busy city, traveling half of China for 6 years. He seems to have created his own Jianghu. Under the waterfall, he…
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  • On the afternoon of Aug. 4, 2021, a group of post-95 and post-00 girls gathered at a Hanfu Experience Hall in Guangzhou to try Hanfu styling for the first time. The room was decorated with landscape paintings on the wall, ink, and brush, and guzheng on the table, and the hanfu stylist was weaving twist braids for the experience participants,…
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  • The explosion of hanfu in China in recent years can be described as a top-to-bottom movement of traditional literary revival. Both the popularization of knowledge by various academic professionals and the vigorous promotion by private forces have brought the field to life. The reason why hanfu is as blooming as it is today is that there are many people who…
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