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About different styles of hanfu wear recommended: traditional hanfu, modern hanfu, hanfu inspired, hanfu accessories, etc. Also includes tips on how to wear hanfu during seasons and traditional festivals.

  • Summer is coming soon! Here's how to pick out your hanfu for summer vacation!
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  • If you are looking for a romantic gift for your lover, you should know that there are many different ways to make it unique. You can get a set of sweet hanfu costumes for lovers, which is a very meaningful gift. In this article, we’ll share 10 sets of sweet Chinese Hanfu for lovers. You can choose them to suit…
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  • It’s prom season! Now, I know that the age group for prom is pretty small, but I’m going to prom in an outfit of my own this year (I’ll be uploading an outfit analysis of it once I’m done arranging everything in a separate article) and I thought I’d compile a few ideas for anyone else to follow in my…
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2021 best popular Chinese drama you should watch. See more ideas about Cdrama, TV shows, Movies, and top 10 Chinese dramas.

  • The popularity of palace dramas has always been at the forefront of Chinese costume dramas, such as Empresses in the Palace, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, Story of Yanxi Palace, and other classic dramas. The most famous of them is the Empresses in the Palace, a decade-old drama that is still a hit today and is watched repeatedly by…
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  • More than 20 Chinese Wuxia and Xianxia drama series are scheduled to air in 2022, including the highly anticipated "Joy of Life: Season 2" starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Li Qin; "The Longest Promise" starring Xiao Zhan and Ren Min; "The Longest Promise" starring Gong Jun and Dilraba Legend of Anle, starring Dilmurat. There are also several fantasy Xianxia dramas…
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  • In the past two years, the development of Chinese short length series has become more and more rapid, and this year, there has been a succession of "Please Don't Spoil Me", "Got Old Recently", "The Killer Is Also Romantic" and other popular series. While the influence of short length series is being developed rapidly, innovation and quality are becoming more and…
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Hanfu Making

About Hanfu making, including cutting & sewing patterns for different Hanfu styles.

  • This article is a supplemental part of Hanfu Making(2) - Aoqun Cutting & Sewing Patterns. Together with a series of pictures on making a Ma Mian Qun (马面裙, horse face skirt), it will analyze the structure of Ma Mian Qun and mainly explain how to calculate the pleat width of a Ma Mian Qun. All dimensions are in centimeters (cm).…
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  • This section contains improved Hanfu (改良汉服). Please read the introduction of the topic and how to use this guide in advance.   Introduction Wearing hanfu is not just for the sake of retro and vintage, but also to show classical beauty and promote the traditional culture of the nation. However, many people have misconceptions about hanfu, believing that the process of…
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  • This section contains Yisan (曳撒, yì sǎn). Size range: 165/88A to 185/104A. Please read the introduction of the topic and how to use this guide in advance.   Introduction Yisan is one of the costumes of the Ming Dynasty, evolving from the Yuan Dynasty Bian Xian Ao (辫线袄), but it is still part of the hanfu system because it has…
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Makeup & Hairstyle

Hanfu makeup skill and hairstyle tutorial

  • In ancient China, based on different social backgrounds, there are different styles of hanfu clothing between dynasties, women's traditional makeup will also vary, this article will share the characteristics of the makeup of women from the Warring States period to the Song Dynasty for you.   01 Warring States Warring States period makeup is mainly light and elegant makeup, the…
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  • As for the most powerful woman in ancient China, Wu Zetian must be mentioned. From the time she entered the palace to the time she abdicated, Wu Zetian's life spanned nearly seven decades from the early Tang Dynasty to the peak of the Tang Dynasty, nearly a quarter of the reign of the Tang Dynasty. With the overall national power,…
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  • "The six dynasties of the late Han, Wei and Jin dynasties were the most chaotic and socially painful era in Chinese history, yet one of the most spiritually free and liberated, the richest in wisdom and passion, and therefore the richest in artistic spirit." Due to the decline of Confucianism and the rise of Xuanxue, both men and women in…
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History & Culture

History culture research and discussion

  • The tiger hat (虎头帽, tiger head hat) is a typical child's hat style in Chinese folk costumes with the image of a tiger. Tiger hats, tiger shoes, tiger bibs, tiger dudou, etc. as an important part of Chinese children's clothing, with distinctive characteristics. The tiger is considered a kind of auspicious beast in Chinese traditional culture, and is an important…
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  • Chinese clothing is the epitome of Chinese civilization. Traditional clothing colors are influenced by the "Theory of the Five Elements" and are divided into five colors: green, red, black, white, and yellow. The different colors revered by different dynasties reflect the characteristics of their dynasties. In this article, the most representative six dynasties of ancient China are selected: Han, Tang,…
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  • When you browse through the tutorials of hanfu hairstyles, you will find that the use of wigs is widespread. Is it true that girls had long and dense hair in ancient China? The eternal problem of thinning hair is not only a problem for modern people, but ancient beauties also needed to rely on wigs to complete the look. The…
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Travel China

All about China, and traditional Chinese culture

  • Different flowers have different but very important meanings in Chinese culture. Here are the basics on what some of the most important and commonly seen flowers mean.
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  • The Qingming Festival is coming up soon! Learn more about where this holiday came from and some things that you can do to participate in celebrating it, both in the way of the ancients and the way that people do now.
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  • Giving gifts is a great way to show appreciation, gratitude, or love, but there are a few things that shouldn’t be given as gifts in chinese culture. Some are due to double meanings, others due to symbolism, but just to make sure you don’t slip up and accidentally give your friend a taboo gift, pay attention to these key gift…
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The most worth reading article in Newhanfu, it will lead you to start the initial understanding of hanfu, and traditional Chinese dress culture.

  • 2021 can be considered a prolific year for Chinese hanfu costume related programs. In addition to the familiar Henan TV, which presents a wonderful tour series on the occasion of Chinese traditional festivals, there are also a number of hanfu programs based on Chinese hanfu, traditional dance, and traditional sports events. This article sorts out these programs for you and…
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  • The history of Chinese women's make-up is very long. After the rotation of dynasties, the traditional Chinese makeup has changed with the development of the times, reflecting the changes in customs and thoughts in each era. We will prepare a series of articles to introduce traditional Chinese makeup.   Ancient traditional Chinese makeup Throughout the ages, women have different ways…
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  • When it comes to the gracefulness and elegance of hanfu, the sleeves must take at least half of the credit for the gesture. I believe the deepest impression of Chinese hanfu costumes is that they have wide sleeves. In fact, types of hanfu sleeves are not only wide sleeves, but they also vary in width, length, and posture, so I…
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Hanfu latest news

  • What hanfu styles are from which dynasties? Can you tell what dynasty the cover photo for this article depicts?
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  • Liu Chao's family has been filigree inlay artworks craftsmen for three generations, and they have devoted almost all their time to this craft. But in China, some traditional craft are facing the crisis of being lost, so how did Liu Chao inherit and carry forward the traditional craft of filigree inlay?   Filigree inlay (花丝镶嵌), also known as "fine gold…
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  • On January 31, the "Experience China - In Dubai Expo" event hosted by the State Council Information Office of China and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade was unveiled at the China Pavilion of Dubai Expo. Activities such as "Elephant Travel Tour", "Panda Live", Hanfu show, and traditional Chinese costume music flash mob, bringing a strong Chinese…
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Hanfu Interview

  • Hairpins, earrings, brooches, bracelets, and other antique jewelry in a wide range, tweezers, wire drawing board, spitfire, and other tools filled the workbench. In the studio of "Jia Xu Zao Wu (甲戌造物)" located in Jinan, Shandong Province, "post-90s" young man Lü Jikai is using the millennium-old filigree inlay craft to process custom traditional jewelry for customers. Among the popular culture…
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  • If there existed a chronology of hanfu revival in Chengdu, it would include Lü Xiaowei, who founded China's first hanfu store in 2006 - Chong Hui Han Tang. And, the female photographer who launched the "Travel with Hanfu" campaign online in 2014, Dang Xiao Shi (当小时). She became popular because of hanfu, and was controversial because of hanfu, and now…
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  • The rise of short videos has also given rise to a number of "web celebrities", all of which have their different points of attraction. One very popular category is the cosplayer who takes the "contrast beauty" route. They may turn from ordinary people to stunningly beautiful or handsome instantly. This huge contrast always attracts the love of many people. And…
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Interesting hanfu stories

  • The long-awaited hanfu prom outfit analysis is here!!!
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  • Her paintings are like the beauty of the East breaking through the scroll. The raised details in the pattern, slightly mottled in the sunlight, like an ancient civilization through the ages, will tell the story anew. Well-known painters in the industry also exclaimed, "She has painted such moving works!" She is Lian Yang (lotulist, 莲羊), the famous "China-Chic illustrator", who…
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  • With the emergence of a large number of hanfu lovers, the demand for hanfu costumes is also increasing, and the fusion of these elements such as hanfu costumes, hairpins, and earrings has become a must-have option for hanfu lovers. With this, many traditional makeup artists seize this trend to transform into hanfu makeup artists, this career is gradually emerging.  …
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Beautiful hanfu photos

  • In the Hanfu circle, there are many famous female models, and if you often follow hanfu catwalks and the latest hanfu products, you definitely know them well. Their looks are not only beautiful, but also have their own unique features, they are natural classical beauties, and it is because of their features that bring a different beauty to hanfu. We've…
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  • As a traditional Chinese costume, hanfu can not only bring out the elegance and dignity of women, but also make men become classical and courteous. We have compiled the top 10 of the hottest hanfu male models, let's enjoy their perfect looks!   Gong Han · 宫寒Ghan   Ju Mang · 句芒   Lu Cha Bai · 鹿荼白   He…
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  • It's that time of year again when the maple leaves are in red, so put on your hanfu and make memories in the fall. Preparation of clothing Maple leaves, the color is bright and enthusiastic like fire, and maple lush land, the overall color are colorful, then the clothing can not be mainly in cold tones, but also in warm…
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Hanfu Video Library.

  • Most of you have probably watched similar kinds of videos involving ‘transitions’—essentially, transitioning from modern-day or loungewear-like attire to being dressed up in gufeng-style hanfu. Why not try to learn how to film one yourself?
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  • Why did the Qin dynasty dress admire the black color? What were the forms of women's clothing in the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties? What are the characteristics of men's clothing in different dynasties? How was the style and pattern of Hanfu chosen? How did the ancients choose different styles of Hanfu for different occasions? What were the…
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  • These days, China Henan TV's Spring Festival Gala Hanfu dance program: Tang Palace Night Banquet (唐宫夜宴, Tanggong Yeyan), has gained a lot of popularity among netizens. "Tang Palace Night Banquet" features the musicians of the night banquet, showing the process of the Tang Dynasty girls from preparing and finishing their makeup to playing at the night banquet. 14 lively and…
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