How Ancient Chinese Clothing & Millennials Get Integration?

"Which dynasty is this ancient Chinese clothing? ", "Is this Hanbok?!", "Is this going through time and space?", the post-90s Huangyang was asked by...
Interview | Modern Youth and Hanfu - New Chinese Fashion

Interview | New Chinese Fashion – Modern Youth and Hanfu

Wear Hanfu as a Chinese fashion brand? Skateboarders, but a robe, skirt flying with the wind. ▼ Sometimes on the bus, subway or airport, you can also...

Fang Wenshan: We Need the New Style Hanfu to Adapt the Modern Society

Q: How do you become an enthusiastic promoter of Hanfu? A: I am not an active promoter of Hanfu, but I have a certain sense...
Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

Will Hanfu Appear in Figure Skating Arena?

The new season of figure skating from 2019 to 2020 is approaching. Although most of the players'new season songs have been released, there are...
Old-Fashioned? The Fashion of Hanfu Defined By a Doctor

Old-Fashioned? The Best Fashion of Hanfu Defined By a Doctor

Lifen is a cardiologist in China and a Hanfu fanatic at the same time. She accepted our invitation to share her experiences about collecting...


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