This is a good artists but there are some wrong details in the illustrations making one wish the artist had made deeper investigation before drawing.
Common people in Shang wearing white clothes... how come? how did they discolor it& Usually dying white is a chemical process bad for skin and cloth durability. Natural color of hemp and ramie is brown (for that reason a later costume of undyed simple clothes was called /shuhe/ - dark/brown/ grey clothes )
The only natural white fibre apart from silk in Shang was wool. Even if you have enough wool (which is far more expensive than silk, Chinese weren't great sheep breeders), you would want to wear it all year round.
Also, textile colors did not cost much! During Shang they used moan, lan grass, rose madder and such which grew everywhere.
The other question HOW COME A PERSON OF 1000 BC is STANDING WITH NAKED LEGS?! There were no pants, so chang should be at least ankle-long. Such length of the top part, as far as I know, became available only during Warring States when crotched pants came into use.
This Chinese commoner looks more like Greek.