East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips


With the trend of Hanfu, more and more girls are joining the Hanfu camp, but with the appearance of Hanfu homogenization, many girls are no longer satisfied with the current Hanfu wear, began to mix-match, mixing different elements together (for example, modern fashion elements and classic elements), look fashionable and generous.

1. What is "Western" and "Eastern" mixing?

What is a mix of "Western" and "Eastern"? This is what we call "East meets West" style, just like the modified cheongsam, which combines Western modern elements with Chinese classical elegance, that is, East meets West style.

East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips

The model in the picture is the extreme use of this style, grasping the essence, the Chinese Hanfu horse-face with Western-style hat and lace gloves combined with the wearing, actually has a different kind of elegant debutante style, compared to the traditional Chinese clothing collocation, appears more daily and modern.

East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips

2. How to mix-match to give more points to the overall image?

①How to choose Hanfu style?

Due to the profoundness of Chinese culture, there are many different types of Hanfu, such as Tang, Song, Ming, etc. However, in order to better combine with the fashion elements, it is often better to choose the plain and simple style of the Ming system of Chinese Hanfu, and it is because the Ming system itself is extremely adaptable, so the girls do not have to worry about their appearance conditions, just boldly wear it! In terms of color, it's best to focus on the cream, dark green, and lake blue of the Morandi color palette, which will provide a better foundation for reflecting a sense of sophistication.

East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips

②The soul of mix-match - accessories

The model in the picture chose the cap and lace gloves, which is the mix-match of the two most common Western elements. At the same time beret also suitable for girls all kinds of daily streetwear demand, can in elegant and daily between doing clever integration and balance.

Lace gloves as the whole body wears the finishing touch, are the most can embody the elegant and feminine fashion item, which is indispensable in taking photos!

Of course, there are countless other accessories of the same type, such as pearl necklaces, earrings, and rings, as well as lace hair bands, which are perfect for mixing "Western" and "Oriental" styles.

East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips

③What's a better Hanfu makeup look for a mix-match look?

Makeup is one of the most important things to wear, and often needs to be done carefully and delicately. In an East-meets-West look, the "red lip" is the most important part of the look. A reddish-brown lipstick is difficult to hold in everyday clothing, but it's perfect for a more glamorous mix-and-match look.

East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips

④What are the appropriate occasions to dress in an East-meets-West style?

If you are taking a photoshoot, this is definitely the best choice, elegant retro style will definitely make your heart. The location can choose the Bund, museums, art museums, this kind of art atmosphere is strong, retro-style attractions, romantic scenery can always better support the mix of Chinese and Western-style. Also attending important gatherings, you can choose this style.

East Meets West - Hanfu Mix-Match Dressing Tips

The mixed style of "Western" and "Eastern" has a bright charm that makes people bright. If you like the retro style of Chinese women, you must not miss this chic mix-match style, according to the article in the wear a small trick, boldly try it!


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