How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man?

As Chinese traditional dress continues to be promoted and popularized, more and more boys are also getting into Chinese clothing. So, what should men pay attention to when starting out with Chinese clothing? And how to avoid mistakes and buy the favorite Chinese traditional dress for man? Let's talk about that with you today!

How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man


How to Choose the First Chinese Traditional Dress for Man?

The man's first Chinese dress should be a set that is more daily, easy to match, unobtrusive and able to be worn with different occasions, don't choose a Chinese dress with wide sleeves, which is not friendly to beginners of Chinese costume.

The colors can refer to your usual habit of buying clothes. Generally speaking, the color of men's clothes should not be too bright and gorgeous, navy blue, gray, and dark green are all good choices. If the skin tone is darker, try to choose dark clothes, clothes should not be too much color and not too much pattern.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man

Also, try to avoid classic studio red and black color, and do not buy Chinese clothing in gold color. For white styles of Hanfu, you should also buy with caution. Although many people think that white "elegant", but in fact, most of the white Chinese clothing is not only strong studio taste, wearing effect is also terrible.


The Following are Recommended in Terms of Style/Shape

  • Shuda/Shuhe&Ruku (短打/裋褐&襦袴)

It's the lightweight style, which is actually the Jiaoling Duanshan & Trousers, so we should' t have to introduce them too much.

However, it's important to note that it's difficult to wear Jiaoling clothes and narrow legged trousers, and there aren't many of them on the market, so it's better to go loose or one size up.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man

This style is a long coat and extremely convenient.

Zhiduo is actually Jiaoling Changshan, according to their needs to make narrow sleeves, straight sleeves or pipa sleeves, because the sleeves are very convenient to put mobile phones and other personal things if you choose pipa sleeves, it is recommended to make a little bigger will be more beautiful, to participate in parties, outdoor activities are an excellent choice.

The two main styles that are currently popular are the "Tang Round Collar" and the "Ming Round Collar", the former generally have narrow sleeves and is short, so it's easy to wear it with a Diexie belt, and you can also hang things on it.

The latter style with pipa sleeves is the most common, and the loose fit is comfortable to wear with a Palace of the belt, but a Buzi Round Collar Robe is not recommended unless it is for a wedding or other occasion.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man

There are also narrow-sleeved dresses with a Ming Round Collar, but there are few companies that make them. In addition, we don't recommend anything that is too tight on both sides or has too many prints.

  • Daopao, Zhishen, Xingyi, Lanshan (道袍、直身、行衣、襕衫)

This kind of Chinese traditional dress for man is suitable for a variety of occasions, Daopao and Lanshan can also be worn as formal wear with some dark patterns, but large embroidered patterns are not recommended, because this style will be too feminine. In addition, Xingyi is more suitable for older men than young men, as it is more mature and dignified.

This kind of Hanfu is convenient to wear for activities, suitable for travel, sports, and parties, but as daily outing wear, it is not recommended to wear with Feiyu, python, bullfighting patterns.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man

  • Shenyi (深衣)

You can choose Zhuzi Shenyi, Ming-made Shenyi, or other color-coordinated but form-fitting Shenyi (do not buy the various types of Zhiju), and you can wear Shenyi with Fujin as a formal dress for graduation ceremonies, festivals, and so on, but it is not suitable for daily wear.

  • Changyi, Pifeng, Dahu, Zhaojia (氅衣、披风、褡护、罩甲)

Changyi, Pifeng, Dahu can be worn as a jacket to match Daopao, etc. Zhaojia can be worn with Yisan, short Zhiduo, or Round Collar Shirt.

How to Choose the Best Chinese Traditional Dress for Man

  • Cloak (斗篷)

There are two types of cloak on the market, one is a large cotton quilt from the Qing Dynasty and the other is a small Western-style shawl, but it is important to note that neither one has anything to do with Chinese clothing.

After reading this article on how to buy a Chinese traditional Hanfu dress for men, have you become more knowledgeable about men's Chinese costumes? I'm sure that the guys have mastered what to look for when trying out men's Chinese costumes!


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