Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

The Tang Dynasty, one of the most prosperous dynasties in Chinese history, not only opened the door to foreign exchanges, but also gave women a new attitude to show off their charm.

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

As we know, it was popular in that era to have a chubby-body, a high bun, a light, and fluttering Pibo, and colorful makeup, which made the gorgeous “Tang style“.

We have previously introduced the makeup of the Tang Dynasty, today we introduce you to the details of the peach blossom makeup (桃花妆, táo huā zhuāng).

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

Steps of Tang Dynasty Makeup

Tang Dynasty period, makeup according to the application of different shades of powder, and can be divided into wine Jiuyun makeup (酒晕妆, jiǔ yùn zhuāng), peach-blossom makeup, Feixia makeup (飞霞妆, fēi xiá zhuāng).

Yu Wen Shi’s “Zhuangtai Ji” has recorded: “The beauty’s makeup, face not only apply powder, but also blended with rouge palm, applied to both cheeks, thick for ‘Jiuyun makeup’; light for ‘peach blossom makeup’; playing a thin vermilion, with a pink cover, known as”Feixia makeup”.

Overall, the entire Tang Dynasty makeup look can be divided into seven steps:

  1. apply lead powder (敷铅粉)
  2. apply the rouge (抹胭脂)
  3. draw eyebrows (画黛眉)
  4. Tie huadian (贴花钿)
  5. Dian mianye (点面靥)
  6. Miao xiehong (描斜红)
  7. put on lipstick (涂唇脂)

(Click for an animated version of Tang Dynasty makeup)

Seven steps? But fortunately, there is now a simplified version of the peach makeup steps. With only four steps – base makeup, eyebrow makeup, blush, and lip makeup – you can easily get a satisfying peach makeup!

Steps of Peach Blossom Makeup

1. Foundation makeup

Start with a foundation to give your skin a bright, natural glow. Lightly pat and then press down. Whether you apply it by hand or with a sponge, use the lightly patting method to blend the foundation into the skin for a natural, radiant look!

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

2. Eyebrow makeup

Ancient women pay more attention to eyebrow makeup than eye makeup, they are very careful to draw eyebrows, eyebrow shape also has a variety of changes. Peach blossom makeup eyebrow shape, to be drawn like a thin curved moon shape. In the years of Zhenguan, the painter Yan Liben painted the picture of the “Emperor Taizong Receiving the Tibetan Envoy (步辇图)”, the painting of the court lady is such an eyebrow shape.

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

And the lady’s hairstyle is called “Baihe bun”, which has been popular since the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty women have a pair of clever hands, and the hair style is also varied and complicated, for modern people, is simply incredible!

3. Blush or rouge (lipstick)

With a pure peach color, apply blush generously on the cheeks. Starting from the position of the lower eye shadow to the temple position, blush draws such a large area to have the effect of brightening the face. In addition, if you are interested, you can also add a Huadian on the forehead (such as the teardrop in the picture).

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

4. Lip makeup

When you put on foundation, remember to put white powder on your lips in order to draw a lip shape on it. When drawing the lip shape, draw a circle smaller than the original lips.

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

1. peach makeup daily outing, blush application area becomes smaller, a light pink halo can show a good color!
2. want to make eye makeup looks more gleaming, try using false eyelashes.

Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!


Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!
Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

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Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!
Greet Spring with Tang Dynasty Peach Blossom Makeup!

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