Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

Since ancient times, women's attention to beauty is no less than that of modern people. Ancient Chinese history has a long history, different dynasties, different periods, aesthetic and popular are constantly changing, and these changes are directly reflected in clothing and makeup, eyebrow makeup is a good miniature.

The shape and color of a pair of eyebrows have almost become representative of women's facial makeup. Let's enjoy some of the most classic eyebrows in Hanfu makeup today~

"Distant Mountain Eyebrow"

Distant mountain eyebrow (远山眉) is a kind of long and thin eyebrow. Eyebrow color looks like the green-black of the distant mountain peak, which is beautiful and cheerful. It originated from Volume II of Xijing miscellany (西京杂记) written by Liu Xin (刘歆), describing the beauty of Zhuo Wenjun (卓文君), a talented woman of the Han Dynasty: the two eyebrows are like a distant mountain, so the "eyebrows are like a distant mountain" is used.

Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

"Moth Eyebrow"

Moth eyebrow (蛾眉), in the era of the Book of Songs, the slender and curved antennae of a moth are used as a metaphor for a woman's beautiful eyebrows, so the "moth eyebrow" is born. Moth eyebrow may also be the most popular and beloved eyebrow type in China.

Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

"Slanted Eyebrows"

Slanted eyebrows (八字眉, look like the Chinese character '八' (eight).)

The eyebrow tip of the slanted eyebrows is up, thin and dense; another side of the eyebrow tip is down, wide and light. According to historical records, Emperor Liu Che of the Han Dynasty once ordered palace people to draw slanted eyebrows, which was followed by successive dynasties. Although it is different from modern aesthetics, it is very popular in ancient times, probably because it looks peaceful and gentle.

Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

"Dao Yun Eyebrows"

Dao Yun eyebrows (倒晕眉) has a unique eyebrow shape, which is a broad moon shape, the edge of the eyebrow is gradually spread out from deep to light.

Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

"Osmanthus Leaf Eyebrows"

Osmanthus leaf eyebrows (桂叶眉), at the end of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, a broad and rich eyebrow shaped like a new leaf of osmanthus began to be popular.

Osmanthus leaf eyebrows short and broad, like an inverted Chinese "eight". The color is light, giving the impression of elegance.

Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

Willow Leaf Eyebrow

The eyebrow shape of the willow leaf eyebrow(柳叶眉), has a large bending range, the radian is like a willow leaf. After thousands of years of ancient eyebrow makeup, the delicate and gentle willow eyebrow is still popular today.

Hanfu Makeup | Beauty between the Eyebrows

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