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History of Tang Dynasty Makeup Style

The Tang dynasty makeup style of the can almost be said to be the most versatile in the entire ancient history of China, because...

3 Basic Elements of Classical Hanfu Makeup

Hanfu makeup often plays a pivotal role in the dressing of Chinese costumes. In ancient times, each dynasty had a different style of makeup,...

Huadian – A Special Hanfu Makeup for Female

Beautiful make-up has been an indispensable hot topic in women's life since ancient times. Chinese ancient women's make-up of each evolution in the long...

2020 Beautiful Makeup Tutorials for Ancient Chinese Dresses

Each dynasty has a different style of makeup, such as the Tang Dynasty's rich and colorful, and the Song Dynasty's clear and elegant. What...

What is Traditional Chinese Makeup? (1)

The history of Chinese women's make-up is very long. After the rotation of dynasties, the traditional Chinese makeup has changed with the development of...

Fish Tears Makeup Tutorial for Traditional Hanfu Clothing

Explain in detail the makeup process of Hanfu with video.