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  • 2023 粽藝漢字文化節 4th Edition Duanwu Chinese Character Festival

    08:00 Author:illukimao

    Date and time

    Sat, 17 Jun 2023 13:00 - 16:00 IST


    St Patrick's church, Church Rd, Rathdown Lower, Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

    About this event

    To mark the upcoming #DragonBoatFestival, we cordially invite you, your friends, and family to join us at the fourth annual Chinese Character Festival (漢字文化節), hosted by Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese, Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning in Ireland, Taiwan Ireland Association, and Taiwan Emergency Assistant Association Ireland. This event promises to be an exciting celebration of Chinese culture, featuring a range of family-friendly games, activities, and competitions with prizes, as well as delicious Taiwanese food available for purchase. Admission is free, but tickets must be reserved in advance. This event is made possible by the Overseas Community Affair Council, the Taipei Representative Office, Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese, and the Taiwan Centre for Mandarin Learning in Ireland. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of China. Book your free tickets today: 2023 粽藝漢字文化節 4th Edition Duanwu Chinese Character Festival.

    2023 粽藝漢字文化節 4th Edition Duanwu Chinese Character Festival

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  • Hanfu Culture: Traditional Beauty Marching Towards the World

    08:00 Author:Ling

    01 Hanfu in Suriname

    Wearing of Hanfu has been popular abroad for some time. However, in this Hanfu-themed cultural event jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Suriname and the China Silk Museum, the ambassador to Suriname personally wore Hanfu to promote Chinese Hanfu and silk culture. Hanfu has become an important business card in international cultural exchanges, and its influence continues to expand, reaching out to the world. On the evening of April 30, the Chinese Embassy in Suriname held this Hanfu-themed cultural event, which attracted more than 400 participants, including Surinamese political figures, diplomats from various countries, media and representatives from the overseas Chinese community. Chinese Ambassador to Suriname Han Jing wore Ming-style Hanfu to welcome guests, and in his speech, he emphasized that silk and Hanfu are iconic cultural symbols of Chinese civilization. As representatives of outstanding craftsmanship, silk and Hanfu reflect the prosperity and harmony of ancient China, as well as the unremitting pursuit of a better life by the Chinese nation. Ambassador Han also pointed out that silk and Hanfu represent not only China, but also Suriname and the whole world. The Chinese who settled in Suriname 170 years ago have inherited Chinese culture from generation to generation, and have made indelible contributions to cultural exchanges with local ethnic groups and to the local community. Throughout the event, 24 models from China and Suriname wore elegant and dignified Hanfu, reproducing classic scenes such as "Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk" and "Han Xizai's Night Banquet" on the T-stage, as well as Ming Dynasty murals from the Fahai Temple and Ming Dynasty wedding costumes. This undoubtedly set off the climax of the event and won applause from the Surinamese people.  

    02 Hanfu & Association Boyan

    In April of this year, the Association Boyan hosted a Hanfu fashion show at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This was the first time that traditional Hanfu appeared on such a high-level international political and cultural stage. The show coincided with the 35th anniversary of UNESCO's Silk Road, and various countries' delegations also performed at the scene. As the final program of the Chinese delegation, Hanfu became the focus of the show. The Hanfu show showcased the beauty of Hanfu from the Qin and Han dynasties to the Ming dynasty, showcasing the charm of Hanfu to the world. Hanfu embodies the expression of human personality and is an important popular element. The promotion of Hanfu should be combined with traditional culture to attract more young people and designers to participate, making China's outstanding traditional culture more beautiful, rich, and enduring. As a business card that showcases Chinese cultural confidence, Hanfu has become the focus of the world's attention. Through the efforts of countless people, Hanfu, which carries the dreams of young people, is showcasing the charm of traditional costumes to the world, and transmitting more youthful energy.

    Hanfu Culture: Traditional Beauty Marching Towards the World

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  • The 5th China Hua Fu Day will be held on April 22nd

    08:00 Author:Ling

    On April 22nd (the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month), the 5th Hua Fu Day will be grandly held at Yuanmingyuan Park in Beijing. Simultaneously, sub-activities will be held by Xi'an Museum, Jinan Daming Lake, Changsha Tongguanyao Ancient Town, and Yangzhou Slender West Lake Scenic Area. Enjoy the Hanfu show, stroll around the national trend market, listen to cultural lectures, and experience Chinese-style beauty makeup. About Hua Fu Day China Hua Fu Day is held on the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month every year. According to legend, this day is the birthday of Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of the Chinese nation, and also a traditional festival of the Han ethnic group in ancient times called "Double Third Festival". Therefore, the choice of the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month each year as "Hua Fu Day" aims to not forget our roots and continue to move forward. The culture of China, which has been passed down for 5,000 years, is rich and profound, with a wealth of costume and dress culture. The purpose of China Hua Fu Day is to share Chinese clothing and communicate Chinese culture both domestically and internationally. Previous venues of China Hua Fu Day:

    • The first Hua Fu Day was held at the Zichen Hall of the Daming Palace Site in Xi'an.
    • The second Hua Fu Day was held in the Qujiang District of Xi'an.
    • The third Hua Fu Day was held at Longting Park in Kaifeng, Henan Province.
    • The fourth Hua Fu Day was held in Macau.

    The 5th China Hua Fu Day will be held on April 22nd

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  • Upcoming 3 Chinese Hanfu Events in 2023

    08:00 Author:Ling

    Sichuan-Langzhong Hanfu Festival

    • Event Time: March 18th-20th
    • Venue: Langzhong Ancient City, Sichuan
    Previously Langzhong government signed cooperation with the Fang Wenshan Hanfu Culture Week team. The march hanfu festival is considered a Langzhong Hanfu Culture Week trial activity. Langzhong Hanfu Festival contains more than 40 sub-events: Chinese traditional popular colors press conference, hanfu design contest launching ceremony, arrow formation drill, armor exhibition, hanfu wedding expo, hanfu make-up styling contest, hanfu live-action drama, hanfu recommendation officer meeting, visitors hanfu parade square, dynasty carnival, river lantern blessing, etc., mainly distributed in three major areas: the scenic spots of the Langzhong, Silk Square, and the Jialing River.  

    Beijing - Ming Culture Festival

    The Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty and the Juyong Pass are the concentrated showcases of China's Ming Dynasty history and culture and the World Heritage Site. Beijing Changping District will hold the 3rd Ming Culture Festival during the Qingming Festival.
    • Event Time: April 1 - April 5
    • Venue: Juyongguan Great Wall Scenic Area
    April 1, Juyongguan parade, ritual exhibition, and re-enactment of ancient battles. April 2, Ming hanfu costume exhibition, silkworm god sacrifice. April 5, the Changling ritual exhibition, the emperor's traveling ceremonial show. April 1-5, hanfu cultural & creative products exhibition.

    Hangzhou - Chinese Costume Festival

    In 2023, "Chinese Costume Festival" will open a new chapter, focusing on festival culture, using costumes and patterns as a basis to show the profundity of traditional Chinese culture.
    • Event Time: April 22-23, 2023
    • Venue: China National Silk Museum (73-1 Yuhuangshan Rd, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China)
    The China National Silk Museum will hold a "Hanfu Night" and a Hanfu-themed show on the evening of April 22. As festivals and festival costumes became more and more popular after the Song Dynasty, the 2023 Chinese Costume Festival will focus on the research, restoration, design, and production of Song and Ming festival costumes. Since 2018, the China National Silk Museum has successfully held five Chinese Costume Festival, relying on its collection of cultural relics and academic resources to sort out the traditional costumes of the Han, Jin, Tang, Song and Ming dynasties by chronology.

    Upcoming 3 Chinese Hanfu Events in 2023

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  • Traditional Hanfu Debuts at Venice Carnival

    10:00 Author:Ling

    On the afternoon of February 17, 2023, local time in Venice, the Venice Carnival Hanfu Parade was held in St. Marks Square. This event was organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Suzhou Municipal People Government, the Suzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Festival Department of the City of Venice, the Confucius Institute of the University of Venice, and the Venice Carnival Organizing Committee, and hosted by the Suzhou Silk Museum. In the midst of the continuing atmosphere of the Venice Carnival, the models recruited by the Confucius Institute of the University of Venice, dressed in different styles of hanfu, walked through the streets of the city and arrived at St. Mark's Square, attracting the attention of citizens and tourists alike along the way. In St. Mark's Square, the "Hanfu Parade" became the focus of the day, with tourists and Venetians from all over the world enjoying it, taking pictures, and sharing them. The elegant shape of Han Dynasty costumes, the richness and beauty of Tang Dynasty costumes, the simplicity and grace of Song Dynasty costumes, the dignity and splendor of Ming Dynasty costumes, from the Silk Road to the aesthetics of Su-style life, Suzhou and Venice met once again through the culture of costumes, continuing the story of the long cultural exchange between Italy and China. Massimiliano De Martin, vice mayor of Venice, said: thanks to Suzhou city and friends from Suzhou for bringing such a wonderful costume show. These costumes are brilliantly colored and well-made, bringing not only a visual pleasure to the audience, but also elegance to the people wearing them. Massimo Andreoli, representative of the carnival organizing committee, expressed his thoughts: Venice and Suzhou are inextricably linked, and because of Marco Polo, we Venetians will often talk about Suzhou. It is a great honor for the carnival to host a hanfu show from Suzhou. Venice is the first international friendship city of Suzhou, and the two cities have achieved fruitful results in the fields of economy, trade, humanities, education, sports, health care, and so on. This hanfu parade is another important cultural exchange activity in the framework of the friendship city between Suzhou and Venice, and another innovative plan to bring the culture of Jiangnan to the world.

    Traditional Hanfu Debuts at Venice Carnival

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  • Chinese Hanfu in Hollywood Christmas Parade

    10:00 Author:Ling

    On the evening of November 27, the Hollywood Christmas Parade was held on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles as scheduled. A total of 5,000 performers participated in the Parade. The Chinese community in Southern California was also invited by the organizers, led by the Southern California Federation of Chinese Associations organization, to send a mega lineup of 160 participants, including dragon and lion dancers, waist drums, martial arts, and cheongsam. Among them, the notable one was the hanfu square formed by 25 Southern California hanfu enthusiasts. The Sino Us Performing Arts Organization selected 25 performers from numerous applicants, covering the age range of 9 to over 50 years old, hoping to introduce Chinese hanfu costumes and traditional Chinese culture to audiences through the parade. The members of the hanfu parade were dressed in typical hanfu costumes of the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties, and they wore fine hair ornaments and head crowns, elegant and gorgeous makeup, full of classical beauty and charm. The martial artist's majesty, the lady's elegance and charm, and the child's innocence and cuteness are displayed in their fullest extent. History and reality seem to melt into one in a flash.  Original link

    Chinese Hanfu in Hollywood Christmas Parade

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  • The 10th Xitang Hanfu Culture Week Is Coming

    00:00 Author:Ling

    The 10th Chinese National Costume Exhibition and Xitang Hanfu Culture Week will be held in Xitang on November 12, 2022. Lets take a look at the events that you absolutely can't miss this year.  

    Dynasty Carnival

    Zhou, Han, Jin, Tang, Song, Ming and other dynasties arrays come in order, like a scroll, depicting the appearance of history in detail. After the first ceremony, all the arrays in turn, with the rhythm, slowly march forward, armor arrays, parent-child arrays, etc. Each theme arrays have their own style.

    Rites and Music Exhibition & Hanfu wedding ceremony

    The Rites and Music Exhibition will hold traditional ceremonies such as the Rites of Worship, Rites of Archery, etc., showcasing the important components of China's excellent traditional culture and allowing participants to experience the charm of traditional rites culture in all aspects. During the cultural week, the traditional Chinese Hanfu wedding ceremony will be recreated on the riverbank of the ancient town, providing couples with a traditional wedding full of love in Xitang.  

    Xitang Hanfu Events

    This year's Xitang culture week will launch a number of events: Hanfu Voice, Dubbing Night, Script Entertainment Competition, Hanfu Rite Ambassador Selection, Oriental Aesthetics Makeup Art Friendship Tournament, Traditional Bow Archery Invitational Tournament, 2022 Children's Star Hanfu Annual Festival, etc.  

    Xitang Traditional Craft Bazaar

    During the culture week, many "traditional Chinese craft stalls" will gather in the Xitang scenic area to form a bazaar, offering a wide range of goods to visitors. Here, you can see the elegant and gorgeous hanfu, as well as intangible cultural heritage works such as velvet flowers and filigree inlay art, and various traditional culture-related creations and peripherals.  

    Armor Culture Exchange

    As a protective gear on the battlefield, the aesthetics of armor is always in harmony with strength. Xitang Culture Week invites masters of crafts arts and famous armor makers to participate in the exhibition of ancient armors for the public, sharing and exchanging the knowledge of traditional Chinese Jiazhou culture. More exciting activities are waiting for you at the 10th Xitang Hanfu Culture Week.

    The 10th Xitang Hanfu Culture Week Is Coming

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  • The Elegance of Chinese Costume

    10:00 Author:xiayang

    Ancient China is called “Huaxia”, with “Hua” referring to the elegance of costume and “Xia” the greatness of etiquette. Following the development through the Zhou, Han, Tang and Song dynasties, the costume in the Ming dynasty had distinct Chinese cultural characteristics and was the epitome of Chinese apparel, which had a wide and profound impact on the costume and aesthetics of later dynasties and neighboring countries. The Ming Dynasty had fully restored the costume tradition, which had been inherited for thousands of years. Being magnificent and elegant, the Ming costume is the epitome of Chinese costume culture. Ceremonial court dress was usually worn by civil and military officials at formal and grand occasions such as court meetings. It consisted of court hat, red silk robe, white silk gauze shirt, knee-covering,silk belt, leather belt, etc. Normal court dress, well-known to all, was a symbol of the Ming Dynasty costume, for example, the red silk gauze round-collar robe with subtle pattern and square patches embroidered with cloud and crane design, black silk gauze hat and so on. Festive dress was worn by officials on various festive occasions and in some ceremonial activities. The yellowish-brown linen pleated robe with Feiyu design, woman’s red silk gauze brocade robe woven with a design of Kylin and four other animals were festive dress. Casual dress was clothing worn in daily life, with diverse styles and made by various materials. In the Ming Dynasty, women often wore skirts sewn with several pieces. In order to adapt to the waist circumference, the left and right sides of the skirt were pleated, and the front and back sides were treated flat and smooth. This kind of skirt was commonly known as "Mamian Qun" in Chinese. The style of “Mamian” skirt was simple with loose pleats on the left and right sides, and decorative patterns along the knee and the edge of the skirt. The green silk gauze skirt with brocade python design, the white silk gauze skirt with subtle patterns and embroidered with flower and bird designs, and the blue satin skirt woven with golden brocade designs of intertwined flowers were examples of the “Mamian” skirt. According to incomplete statistics, there are only over 100 pieces of handed-down Ming Dynasty clothing left in the world today. In terms of complete system, bright colors, rich styles, good condition and exquisite patterns, the Ming Dynasty clothes collected by Shandong Museum and Confucius Museum are second to none in museum circle at home and abroad. From the collection, we can find the charm of traditional Chinese costume, including etiquette culture, weaving and embroidery skills, dyeing and clothing diversification. The Ming Dynasty costume collection, embodying thousands of years continuous Chinese civilization, convey the cultural connotation of dress etiquette, respecting Confucius and Confucianism and highlighting rites. Its diverse styles, exquisite patterns and elaborate workmanship represent the infinite wisdom of the Chinese people, the profound Chinese traditional culture, and the grace and style of the Chinese nation.Original link

    The Elegance of Chinese Costume

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    10:00 Author:Ling

    Happy early Duanwu Jie! The Flash RAFFLE will host on Redsugarx's discord channels Shi Wai Tao Yuan, in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival as well as the upcoming summer vacation for everyone. Drawing 3 winners on June 3rd!! First draw prize: 2 sets random hanfu + 2 sets accessories; Second draw prize: 1 set random hanfu + 1 set accessories; Third draw prize: 1 set accessories. For more details, please visit the Discord channel Shi Wai Tao Yuan, or send a private message to Redsugarx! Join the Discord channel Shi Wai Tao Yuan Original link


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  • "The Longest Day in Chang'an" Theme Block in Xi'an Now Open

    10:00 Author:April

    The "The Longest Day in Chang'an" theme block in Xi'an is now open! Xi'an's first immersive Tang-style city life district has been unveiled! Six immersive experiences and cultural consumption scenes will awaken your memories of Chang'an.

    Reproduction of scenes from the drama "The Longest Day in Chang'an"

    The art team of "The Longest Day in Chang'an" has once again brought their talent by injecting scenes from the drama and Tang Dynasty marketplace culture into the 24,000 square meter commercial space. This is not only a full scene restoration of the drama, but also an industry model for transforming the drama into a cultural tourism project. The "The Longest Day in Chang'an" block combines the plot, characters, props, and story features of the original drama to create a space for experiencing the original Tang market life and a Tang-style themed recreational space for both the elegant and the vulgar to trace the Tang market style and let you experience the daily life of the Tang dynasty. In the theme block, the classic scenes and props from the drama are presented one by one; Zhang Xiaojing, Li Bi, Tan Qi, Xu Hezi, you can also choose a character and leave your own memories of Chang'an with your camera here.

    Wonderful audio-visual experience

    In the most eye-catching "Flower Dance of Tang" stage, the scene of Xu Hezi's float parade in the drama is restored. With live interactive performance as the core, various Tang Dynasty arts are gathered here to recreate the charm of dance and music in prosperous Chang'an. Walking in the block, you are not just a tourist, but also ready to integrate into the scene performance, the "The Longest Day in Chang'an" drama in the wonderful scenes reproduced one by one, you and the actors together to create a wonderful Tang Chang'an audio-visual feast. The traditional twelve hours of the day, the festival culture of watching lanterns at the Shang Yuan Festival, the costume culture and etiquette culture of the Tang Dynasty are all fully displayed in the theme block. When you walk in the "The Longest Day in Chang'an" theme block, just like walking in the streets of Chang'an a thousand years ago, what you see, what you feel, what you eat and what you entertain are all Tang style and culture.

    "The Longest Day in Chang'an" Theme Block in Xi'an Now Open

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  • Sichuan's 2nd Hanfu Flower Festival will be opened on March 18

    10:00 Author:April

    On the occasion of the cherry blossom festival, the 2nd Sichuan Hanfu Flower Dynasty Festival, will kick off on March 18, at the Phoenix Lake AAAA Tourism Scenic Area, with activities such as the God of Flowers Selection Contest, Hanfu Makeup Contest, coming up.

    Sichuan's 2nd Hanfu Flower Festival will be opened on March 18

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  • Yundai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival will open on March 5

    10:00 Author:April

    The 2022 Henan Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival will open on March 5. Visitors can tour the spring scenery with the modern Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, enjoy the flowers sea with the Twelve Flower Gods, and exchange Hanfu culture with 100+ hanfu celebrities. Mountain, streams, lakeside, peach and apricot blossoms, mingle and compete, converging into a beautiful sea of flowers. During the festival, the scenic area of Yundai Mount will hold weekly Chinoiserie-style performances, and there will be Hanfu Games, original real murder mystery game and other activities. Put on your hanfu and come join the event!

    Yundai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival will open on March 5

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  • 2021 Guo Feng Da Dian has been opened

    10:00 Author:Ling

    The 2021 Guo Feng Da Dian (国风大典, Chinoiserie Grand Festival) has lived up to the expectations of the public by creating an annual Chinoiserie event with more than 30 celebrities and 200 Hanfu celebrities in Changzhou-Oriental Salt Lake City in Jiangsu Province, a landmark of Chinoiserie, traveling back thousands of years and dreaming of the East. From October 1 to October 7, countless Chinoiserie fans experienced an unprecedented legendary journey! As an annual event of the Chinoiserie circle, the 2021 Guo Feng Da Dian continues the tradition to arouse young people's attention to traditional culture and call for more young people to join in the inheritance and dissemination of traditional culture. On October 5-6, there will be a wonderful runway show held. For more videos about the scene, please pay attention to Hanfu Group.

    2021 Guo Feng Da Dian has been opened

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  • The 2th Luochang Huafu · Shang will be held on July 30 to August 2

    10:02 Author:Ling

    The 19th ChinaJoy will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 30 to August 2, 2021, and the 2nd Luochang Huafu · Shang (洛裳华服·赏) will be held at the same time as ChinaJoy in 2021. This year's Luochang Huafu · Shang will launch a new event, Luochang Huafu New Talent Competition, which will present a visual feast of Chinese aesthetics through various aspects such as form, grooming, talent and etiquette. 2th Luochang Huafu · Shang It is hoped that through the advantages of the exhibition, more people can understand and accept the diversified Chinese costume culture, and arouse more people's interest and love for Chinese costumes. Watch Luochang Huafu · Shang and enjoy the Chinese charm! As people in today's society pay more attention to traditional Chinese civilization, traditional costumes are gradually coming into the limelight, and the costumes of the Song dynasty are loved for their rich shapes and slim characteristics. 2th Luochang Huafu · Shang Of course, not only the Song Dynasty, but also the costumes of all dynasties have been respected and loved in today's society, and they have a unified name - Hanfu. In recent years, the popularity of Hanfu has been increasing day by day, and wearing Hanfu has become a trend. We can always see Hanfu lovers with their hair in a bun and their clothes fluttering, and they affectionately call each other "Tong Pao". 2th Luochang Huafu · Shang As a cultural symbol, Hanfu has also become a dress code for more young people, which not only reflects the long history of traditional culture, but also the return of cultural confidence. In 2020, the 18th ChinaJoy added a new module for the first time: Luochang Huafu · Shang, and through the way of holding live shows, more people were introduced to the "Hanfu" is a diversified costume culture to more people. At the same time, Huo Zun was invited as the ambassador. 2th Luochang Huafu · Shang

    The 2th Luochang Huafu · Shang will be held on July 30 to August 2

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  • 9th annual Xitang hanfu culture week

    22:48 Author:inoyashi122

    The 9th annual Xitang hanfu culture week is coming up in a couple of months. Every year, it is held from the first of November for four days straight. The xitang hanfu festival is one of the biggest events of the year for hanfu enthusiasts. This festival is held in Xitang water town, Jiaxing, Zhejiang where there are ancient sights and sceneries. The town itself is like an ancient town. A remarkable feature is the long river in the middle where people ride ancient looking boats wearing hanfu. The Xitang hanfu festival is a place where all attendees can show off their beautiful hanfu. At the festival, there are many fun things to do and see. There are parades, carnival, hanfu shopping, archery exhibitions, fashion runaway, and more. There is also an event where exquisite ancient looking floats float down the river while the people inside wave. Those people also wear hanfu and have different themes. There is also a ton of shopping there. Stores sell hanfu and accessories for the event. This is also the place to make some friends with the same interests. Through this festival, you can be transported back to ancient times.

    9th annual Xitang hanfu culture week

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  • The 3rd China Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival Is About to Start!

    11:00 Author:Ling

    2021 The 3rd China Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival will be opened on March 6th. Duration: March 6 - April 5 Activities: Arrow drill, Hanfu model show, Chinese style bazaar, Hanfu experience, etc. During the event period, every Saturday, Sunday, and the Qingming holiday, there will be a variety of Hanfu experience activities. Come and feel the ritual of traditional Chinese culture. From March 6 to April 5, let's meet at the Hanfu Festival in Yuntai Mountain.

    The 3rd China Yuntai Mountain Hanfu Flower Festival Is About to Start!

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