Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

October 4, the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, is the traditional Chinese holiday of Chongyang Festival (重阳节, Double Ninth Festival), also known as Old People's Day. In ancient times, there were customs such as climbing up high and placing dogwoods, worshipping ancestors, enjoying chrysanthemums and putting paper kites, etc.

In modern times, Chongyang Festival has been given the meaning of respecting the elderly. It must be a wonderful thing to let the elderly wear hanfu on this day. "White hair wearing flowers, you should not laugh, the years never lose beauty. If you have a poetry book hidden in your heart, you can pick up the fragrance to become the most real." This poem will also be proved in the seniors.


Seniors in Hanfu who promotes traditional culture

Liu Weixiu (刘维秀), a 78-year-old hanfu granny, is a retired actress from the Hunan Provincial Peking Opera Troupe, and now she is a short video blogger who first wore hanfu in 2016 because she helped her students with their short video assignments, which brought her attention on the Internet and became an opportunity for her to fall in love with hanfu and spread its culture.

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

Liu's first show was in Jiangsu Oriental Salt Lake City, with a head of white hair, loving and peaceful smile. She wore a red upper Ao and navy blue Mamian Qun, stunning everyone on the scene, letting people seem to see the "Dream of the Red Chamber" in the graceful and elegant, loving and elegant mother of Jia, showing the charm of the ancient and elegant national style.

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

Hanfu granny Liu Weixiu continues to promote hanfu culture by participating in hanfu shows around the country and shooting short videos. As she says, “As long as you want to wear and love hanfu, there is no age limit." Hanfu is not the exclusive favorite of young people, it can be worn by people of all ages.

The 77-year-old grandfather Chen is also a retired Peking Opera actor. He wore a red round-necked robe official uniform in the Forbidden City, wearing a Wusha hat, holding a Hu (笏) to the court dress elegant atmosphere, just like a Ming Dynasty cabinet chief minister just after the morning court. The topic about he was also on the first social media hot list, sparking the attention of netizens.

After this, soon Chen responded happily with the popularity he received and said "I hope that young people will learn more about hanfu and traditional culture, master more of the Chinese traditional art." Nowadays, Chen is also introducing and spreading the culture of Chinese costumes by filming different styles of hanfu.

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors


Hanfu for senior

The vertical collar and long lapel Chang Ao with Mamian Qun can be said to be the most suitable hanfu style for grandmothers, the Chang Ao is wide, the Mamian Qun color is more conspicuous, both use more embroidery, can highlight the grandmother through the vicissitudes of the years after the dignified atmosphere and elegant kindness.

In addition, the Aoqun attire itself is relatively wide, wear more warm clothes inside will not look bloated, very suitable for autumn wear, whether the value or cold warmth can meet the needs of grandmothers. For example, the following is a common color scheme of dark red and navy blue, decorated with beautiful embroidery patterns, even the elderly can try.

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

The round neck robe is a style that can be worn by both men and women, and it is easy and comfortable to wear. Black, red, and navy blue this kind of more solemn round neck robe color is more suitable for the elderly, with exquisite gorgeous embroidery as decoration is best, in order to show the grandparents dignified and dignified, elegant and kind temperament.

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

If the elderly are willing to accept new things, try to take them to wear a hanfu to experience the charm of traditional costume culture and to "restore" the good old days of the elderly.

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

Traditional Hanfu Equally Suitable for Seniors

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