6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

1. What’s Hanfu?

It refers to the traditional costumes worn by the Han people from the time of the Yellow Emperor’s reign to the late Ming and early Qing dynasties (the Qing dynasty was interrupted for more than 300 years due to the policy of the rulers and was not revived until the 21st century).

The Hanfu is not the same as the Han dynasty dress, but the Han dynasty dress, belongs to the Hanfu. In fact, the costumes of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties are also collectively known as Hanfu. Nor does Hanfu clothing refer to all Chinese, and ethnic minorities have their own traditional dress.

6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

2. What’s the difference between the Hanfu and the Han element?

The Han elements are inspired by traditional clothing, and can be used in fashion, or the traditional Han clothing can be modified and designed to be more convenient for modern life.

Examples include the short-sleeved skirt based on the Qixiong Ruqun and the Han element based on the Jiaoling Ruqun, in which the features of the Han dress are retained, but the form has been completely changed.

The Han element does not have strict form requirements, the design is freer, the requirements for the layout are not so high, the essence is modern fashion. This is also the essential difference between the Han element and the Hanfu costume.

6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

3. What is the difference between a Hanfu and an ancient costume (appears in a TV series)?

The concept of ancient costume covers a lot of content, literally refers to ancient costume, and there is no problem to say that Hanfu is the ancient costume, but the ancient costume is not only Hanfu, but also the clothes of the ethnic minority, in this sense, Hanfu ≠ ancient clothes.

But by now, what is widely understood as the meaning of ancient costume has become the clothes in ancient costume dramas, mainly used for filming. This kind of clothes often goes through various artistic creations for the needs of drama. There is no fixed shape, but it looks ancient on the surface.

6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

4. Is Hanfu the same as studio costumes?

A photography studio is a place to take pictures. Before the revival of Hanfu, people did not know about Hanfu, at that time they wanted to take pictures of ancient subjects and did not have Hanfu to wear, so there were studio costumes for photography, special for people to take pictures of ancient subjects, so much so that for a long time some people thought it was Hanfu. The studio costume is suitable for photography, has no fixed shape, and has nothing to do with the real Hanfu.

6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

5. What is the difference between Hanfu and theatrical costume?

The theatrical costumes refer to those worn in traditional Chinese theatre performances, such as Peking Opera (京剧) and Kunqu (昆曲). The theatrical was modeled after daily clothing by the ancients, and the clothes were artistically processed and formed for the main purpose of portraying the character, helping to complete the performance, and would only be worn during the singing of the opera.

For example, Peking opera costumes, Peking opera costumes are based on Ming Dynasty costumes to create art, costume design needs to be made according to the development of the plot, stage effect needs. The theatrical costumes are different from the ancient costume appear in TV series. The costumes in opera also have their own form and their own system, and the requirements for form are very strict.

6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

6. The relationship between the Hanfu, Hanbok, kimono and Ao Dai

It’s no illusion that many people can see the similarities to Hanfu in Hanbok, Kimono, and Ao Dai. But these are not Hanfu. Hanbok, in particular, look very similar in appearance.

During the Joseon Dynasty, Joseon was a vassal state of China, and the Ming Dynasty kings often rewarded their country’s kings with clothing. Japan, the Ryukyus, and Vietnam were all rewarded with clothes by the Ming emperors, who later slowly added elements of their own ethnicity to their dresses, forming their own ethnic style of clothing.This is also why the Korean costume is very similar to the Ming costume.

But the costumes influenced by our country are only a part, not all of it, and they also have something local, which can be understood as part of the Korean costume is the inheritance of the Ming Dynasty costume, but after a long time of development has been completely different from the Han costume, whether it is the Hanbok or the kimono, they are still very different from the Hanfu in terms of details and form. The dress of each nation is unique and worthy of respect.

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6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu
6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

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6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu
6 FAQs Let You Know More About Hanfu

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