4 Styles & Tips for Male Traditional Chinese Clothing

4 handsome male traditional Chinese clothing style you'll probably want to try In 2020

Nowadays, it's common for boys to wear traditional Chinese clothes, but compared with girls' styles, Chinese men's costume styles are much less, but once boys wear Hanfu, Zhongshan suits, or other male Chinese style clothes, they will become irresistible.

Today, I'd like to bring you 4 popular male traditional Chinese clothing styles and precautions when wearing.



4 popular style of male traditional Chinese clothing

Round Collar Robe

Round collar robes first appeared in the Shang Dynasty, one of the male traditional Chinese clothing. After the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, the round collar robes began to actively absorb the characteristics of minority men costumes, but at the same time, they did not lose the original characteristics of the Han nationality. The Northern Wei Dynasty, founded by Xianbei people, began to dress as formal clothes and was popular from Sui and Tang Dynasties to the end of the Ming Dynasty.

male traditional chinese clothing round collar robe

After the Song Dynasty, the round collar robe became one of the official costumes, which was also widely used in the later Ming Dynasty. The round collar robe of the Ming Dynasty became the most convenient way to distinguish the official class.

To a certain extent, the Tang round collar robe retains the original appearance of the round collar robe. Especially in the early Tang Dynasty, the robe had narrow sleeves and lower hem to the lower leg, which did not show the round collar of the clothes inside. Because people in the Tang Dynasty usually wear round collar inside when they wear it. Only people in the Song and Ming Dynasty can see the situation that the collar of their clothes is exposed when they wear round collar robe.

male traditional chinese clothing round collar robe

Tang round collar robe


it's the coat of men's home in the Ming Dynasty. It's characterized by a straight collar and big Jin (襟), with a slit on both sides and hidden Bai (the cloth strip added to prevent the underwear from being exposed at the clothes fork when walking.). It's one of the most distinctive traditional men costumes of Han nationality.

male traditional chinese clothing daopao


"Pifeng (cape)" began to be popular in the Ming Dynasty. It was the first men's clothing, and later women would wear it. Pifeng is still used in Chinese opera performances. It is a rare large range of men's and women's clothing.

male traditional chinese clothing pifeng

Feiyu Fu (flying fish suit)

Feiyu Fu is a kind of robe with a Feiyu pattern (a kind of pattern). In the Ming Dynasty, officials were allowed to wear flying fish suit for banquet only when they had a certain grade. Later, it gradually developed into official clothes, mainly worn by Jinyi Wei (royal guards). Feiyu Fu is also one of the representatives of male traditional Chinese clothing. People like the exquisite design very much.

male traditional chinese clothing feiyufu



Tips for attention


In fact, both fashion and Hanfu should pay attention to fabric texture. It affects people's first impressions of you. Therefore, it is suggested that when choosing men's Hanfu, we should select the right fabric with texture within our budget.

Color selection

In the common styles of men's Hanfu, in addition to simple black, white and gray, it is a good choice to look more calm and elegant in dark colors, such as dark blue, dark red, and so on. If you prefer light colors, you should choose light colors with lower saturation, such as pea-green, gray-blue, etc. In addition, the color of the whole body is better not to exceed 3 kinds. It's easier to wear with the same color department to get a high-level feeling.

Of course, if it is a Feiyu Fu, the color selection is not so strict. With the appropriate leather belt, sword, and other accessories, it can look more chivalrous.

male traditional chinese clothing feiyufu

Appropriate embroidery

Now many styles of Hanfu pursue complicated embroidery, such as various flowers and plants, cloud patterns, etc. For boys, too gorgeous large area embroidery will become too cumbersome. Choose the embroidery such as cloud pattern and pine crane, to embellish slightly, which can make the temperament more clean and elegant.
male traditional chinese clothing round collar robe

Small details

Waistline position: some Hanfu businesses will make the same style for men and women. Although both men and women can wear it, they also need to pay attention to details such as waistline position. When girls wear Hanfu, they often wear skirts at the place with the thinnest waist, but boys can put the waistline down a little.

For example, the round collar robe, the position of men's and women's leathers should be different, and the men's leathers should be tied at the low waist so that they are elegant and energetic.

male traditional chinese clothing round collar robe

Of course, there are more male traditional Chinese clothing styles. If you want to know more detail, you can leave a message to share with me.

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