My Story with Hanfu - Camille

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It's my first time writing an article, so maybe the content is rather simple, thank you for reading.

The first time I came across hanfu was through the TV series: Dream of the Red Chamber, which is probably a common starting point for many people, we are always unconsciously attracted by the beautiful costumes in TV series. But at that time, I didn't know that it was called hanfu, but later I read articles about hanfu, and only then I connected the two together, and in fact. It seems like it was a long time ago that I liked hanfu, but it seems like it happened recently, probably because I used to like it, but I never had the money to buy a set of hanfu of my own, so I remember the state of it very clearly.

My Story with Hanfu - Camille

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But the real reason I got my own hanfu was after I worked and took out a little bit of my monthly salary and I got a hanfu.

I still remember how excited I was when I got that set of clothes, it was a Song hanfu, a light green outer shirt, white lining, and another set of purple hairpins with purple earrings, the whole thing really felt like a trip back in time.

Some things are hard to put away once you start, just like I couldn't help myself after I had my first set of hanfu, and wanted to buy a few more sets, although I ended up buying only one set for practical reasons, but I was also happy like a child. Even when I walk on the road and see guys and girls wearing hanfu, I am so envious that I can't wait to wear my own clothes and go out for a stroll, which is very difficult to describe in words.

My Story with Hanfu - Camille

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Although I'm getting busier and busier at work, and I have less time to wear hanfu except for holidays, I still pay attention to hanfu related content, the latest styles, what new co-branded models are available, learning about hair and makeup, and of course, the TV series. Of course, compared to the time when I first came into contact with hanfu, the prices of hanfu styles are now more affordable and the styles are so dazzling that I am happy that hanfu is getting better and better.

My biggest wish at the moment is to make my own hanfu, maybe a ruqun or a daxiushan. I have not tried a sewing machine, which is a challenge for me and requires solving many problems, but I am always eager to try, and making my own hanfu is a very interesting and fulfilling process.

My Story with Hanfu - Camille

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I especially hope that more people will get to know and like hanfu, although it has a very long history, it is constantly being integrated into modern times and trying to be accepted by more young people. In fact, the circle of Hanfu is not too big, but not too small, we just simply want to wear hanfu, find a few people with common hobbies to talk and enjoy our world and time together.

Finally, as a person who loves hanfu, I really hope that everyone can look at it in the right light. When you put on a Hanfu and go out for a walk, you will find that it is the most beautiful thing. Thanks to newhanfu, I joined the group by chance, and I hope it gets better and better.


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My Story with Hanfu - Camille
My Story with Hanfu - Camille

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