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  • Mysterious Lotus Casebook is equally worth watching, I've watched it on Youtube before.

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    Hanfu Making(7) - Banbi Cutting & Sewing Patterns
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  • The back seam of hanfu, and the sleeve seam, was initially caused by the insufficient width of cloth in ancient chinese times. Later, the back seam of the top was given the meaning of rigidity, fairness, and uprightness, and the seam, especially the back center seam, has been preserved as a tradition of hanfu tailoring.

    Hanfu Making(3) - Ruqun Cutting & Sewing Patterns
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    Changes in Ancient Chinese Women’s Hanfu Clothing
  • Also, you mentioned flower pot shoes. my opinion is that ordinary Han Chinese women probably wore flower pot shoes less often in their daily life, but if they were in the court or the residence of high-ranking officials, flower pot shoes appeared more frequently. I remember that in the early Qing Dynasty, a number of policies were implemented and Han Chinese women were allowed to continue to wear Hanfu. And I searched for an interesting information. "After the reigns of Emperor Qianlong and Emperor Jiaqing, many Manchu women began to imitate Hanfu attire. They added wide sleeves to their originally narrow and long garments, or widened the sleeves of their robes. They also adopted the practice of foot binding, which greatly angered Emperor Renzong and Emperor Xuanzong. In response, they issued successive decrees prohibiting these practices and made it clear that thorough investigations would be conducted. Those who violated these orders would be punished severely without any leniency whatsoever." 😂

    Changes in Ancient Chinese Women’s Hanfu Clothing
  • Thank you for reading and for commenting on this article. First of all, one thing I have to admit is that most of the styles of hanfu and Qing Dynasty clothing that appear in this article belonged to the nobility or people of higher rank to wear in ancient China. Much less attention was paid to the style of dress of the common people. And selected are the ones with the most character. So readers may very well visualize the changes in dress from one dynasty to the next, but it is undeniable that dress changes throughout history hardly ever change immediately with the change of dynasties.

    Changes in Ancient Chinese Women’s Hanfu Clothing
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