Simple and Beautiful Hanfu Hairstyle

When wearing hanfu, everyone will usually do the hanfu hairstyle.

With a beautiful hairstyle, it will indeed be very photogenic when taking photos. However, it does take time and energy to do a beautiful hanfu hairstyle.

When you usually go out, you may not have enough time to do a beautiful hairstyle.

In fact, some hairstyles can be used to match hanfu in addition to ordinary clothes, as long as you match them properly, they will naturally look good.


 1. Low ponytail

Simple and Beautiful Hanfu Hairstyle

If you don't want to create an overly complicated hanfu hairstyle, a simple low ponytail that goes well with the hanfu will suffice.

Of course, everyone should pay attention to the feeling of laziness when wearing this type of hairstyle. That is, when a low ponytail is tied, it should not be too close to the scalp and should be tied a little looser.

Also, it is best to leave some bangs in the front to complete the face shape. If you don't have neat bangs, you can also leave two strands of hair at the temples, which will make the hairstyle softer, and more suitable for matching hanfu.


2. High ponytail

Simple and Beautiful Hanfu Hairstyle

The low ponytail mentioned above is perfect for pairing with some soft-looking hanfu such as chest skirts and waist-length skirts.

When tying a high ponytail, it should be taller than a regular ponytail, which will make them look more energetic.

You can decorate it with a crown on an elastic band, which will look more classically beautiful.


3. Braids

Simple and Beautiful Hanfu Hairstyle

In fact, braids are also very suitable to be matched with hanfu.

In general, two braids will look cute and playful, which is perfect for a cute little fairy. When everyone is wearing a cute chest skirt, they are wearing two braids, and then wearing a hair tie or hair clip, it is very beautiful.

If you want a soft look, you can tie the braid, preferably sideways, and let the braid hang naturally over your chest. Similarly, after combing the braid, decorate it with a hair tie, it is a very beautiful hairstyle.

The three hairstyles above are often seen in everyday life and can be matched with ordinary clothes and hanfu.

Have you ever used the hanfu hairstyle when you were wearing hanfu?

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