How Floral Patterns Hanfu Light Your Summer?

Fashion fades, style lasts forever. Floral patterns have been alive and fragrant on the costume stage for hundreds of years, but the Floral patterns with Chinese elements and Hanfu are also shining on the ornaments of some small objects.

There are two main types of floral pattern, one is a large flower print and the other is a cluster of small flowers, both of which can be widely used in the fabric or local, even if it is just a touch of trim on the edge of the Hanfu, can make the summer a little longer, but most of them can be used in the selection of the single material.

How Floral Patterns Hanfu Light Your Summer?

The most widely used is the solid color top + floral pattern skirt. In Chinese style, the application of floral patterns is more likely to be brushstrokes of flowers and birds, bamboo, curly grass, grape patterns, and other colorful patterns cascaded with ink strokes. Elements of the Tang style Hanfu may be applied more often.

How Floral Patterns Hanfu Light Your Summer?

There are also ways to liven up the floral patterns: adding patchwork lace elements or putting together more floral patterns, which can also be achieved with a lace-trimmed petticoat.

In particular, it is important to pay attention to the color and saturation of the top and bottom of the skirt, in principle, with a floral pattern on top and solid colors on the bottom, and vice versa. If you use it properly, you can try a suitable saturated color contrast, such as a green half sleeve top with pink shorts pants, yellow floral cross collars top with precious blue Ruqun, which can always make you gracefully in summer.

How Floral Patterns Hanfu Light Your Summer?

The most practical should be floral pattern skirt, whether it is a pleated skirt, broken skirt or horse-face skirt, can continue to use the summer decorative colors, to fall with a long shirt and thin sweater mix, but then the color system can not be too bright, because the main tone of autumn is still to brown and other dark colors, so with light-colored tops will be more than adequate.

How Floral Patterns Hanfu Light Your Summer?
Never skimp on the splendor of the flower season, it’s nice to have a floral pattern in this summer.

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