Nice Ming-style Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

Every hot summer, many girls will feel that Song-style Hanfu is the first choice for this season, indeed, with the cool and soothing touch of skin, many people will be willing to choose Song-style Hanfu to spend the summer. In fact, in addition to the Song-style Hanfu, the Ming-style Hanfu is also a kind of "Summer Hanfu"! Even in the summer heat, Ming-style Hanfu can still "make a splash"!



The difference between Ming-style Hanfu and Song-style Hanfu

Song-style Hanfu: Song Hanfu is the most suitable Hanfu for summer because it is the most simple Hanfu. Due to the background of the Song Dynasty, Song Hanfu are mainly slim and long, with narrow sleeves and cross collars. The "Beizi" and "Song trousers" are the main styles of Hanfu in the Song system.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

Ming-style Hanfu: In the beginning, the Ming Hanfu has always been regarded as a noblewoman's Hanfu, and because the Ming Hanfu is mostly based on horse-faced skirts, its craft is complicated plus the fabric and silk are expensive, so the price of Ming Hanfu has always been high. The "long jacket" and "short jacket" plus the "horse-faced skirt" also became the main style of Hanfu in the Ming Dynasty.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)
It can be seen that among the traditional Chinese dress for girls, Song-style Hanfu is mainly simple, while Ming-style Hanfu is mainly riches and honor. However, due to the improvement of Hanfu, nowadays, the Ming Hanfu is usually made of light and thin fabrics instead of the original rich fabrics to make a modern Ming Hanfu that is light and cool. With the addition of thin and light fabrics, Ming Hanfu is a nice choice for summer as it combines the simplicity of the Song Dynasty and the dignity of the Ming Dynasty.



Modern Ming-style Hanfu: light and airy

Modern Ming-style Hanfu is based on the traditional Ming system, all the original fabrics are replaced with light and breathable yarn fabric, which keeps the original shape but also has the feature of breathable and cool, can not feel the hot feeling even if you wear it in the middle of summer, and you will have a refreshing skin touch.

1) Pure and elegant: white gauze long jacket + pleated skirt

The traditional horse skirt has a long production period, plus the fabric and process are more complicated, so the price of the horse-face skirt has been more expensive, plus it's not very breathable, so in the middle of summer, the horse-face skirt can't be put to use.

This set of Ming-style Hanfu changed the traditional horse-faced skirt into a pleated skirt, and the lightweight yarn fabric was soft and breathable, so it wouldn't be too stuffy, even in the middle of summer!

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

2) Fairy gorgeous: embroidered gradient long jacket + translucent gauze embroidered pleated skirt

The original horse-face skirt was changed to a pleated skirt, which is cooler and more breathable. But the difference is that while the previous Hanfu was pure and sweet, this Hanfu is more gorgeous and full of fairy spirit, with embroidery all over the body, the main patterns of which are all auspicious clouds, fairy mountains, and jade rabbits. The dreamy color scheme and the fairy embroidery pattern make the whole costume full of endless fairy spirit.

The hard yarn fabric is not as soft and comfortable as the soft yarn fabric, but it can better shape the appearance of the Hanfu and make the whole Hanfu look more three-dimensional. The addition of a soft fabric lining within the hard yarn fabric provides both comfort and appearance, but the permeability of the hard yarn is better than the soft yarn fabric so that although there are two layers of fabric, the increased permeability will allow the body to feel cool even if it is worn in the middle of summer.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)



Modified traditional Ming-style Hanfu: thin and gorgeous

Although the modern Ming-style is softer and can be refreshing, it doesn't have the opulence and nobility of the traditional Ming-style in terms of overall outlook. The Ming-style has always been known for its gorgeous and noble horse-faced skirts. Is it true that we can't wear our favorite horse-faced skirts on a summer day? Perhaps you could try a modified version of the traditional Ming-style.

Modified Ming-style: light silk gown + light horse-faced skirts

The most important feature of the modified Ming-style Hanfu is the thinning of the original thicker and heavier Hanfu. The original Ming-style Hanfu is made of multi-layered fabrics, which makes it impossible to wear in midsummer due to the thickness of the fabrics.

However, after the improvement, it is able to maintain the beauty of the original Hanfu while reducing the thickness of the fabric, so it is able to meet the demand of Hanfu lovers for the beauty and dignity of Hanfu and also to meet the needs of the wearer in the middle of summer.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

On the light silk gown, the design of the dark grain makes the original slightly monotonous gown appear less lonely, the fine grain to increase the texture of the Hanfu, silk fabric to increase the drape, but also can let the girls feel the coolness of the silk fabric in the summer weather.

In addition to thinning the thickness of the original fabric, the lower body of the horse-face skirt retains the exquisite gold print pattern, which is more glittering under the sunlight and allows the breeze to pass through the horse-face skirt, bringing the wearer the coolness of the summer.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)



Timing of wearing the traditional Ming-style

In the above section, we explain how to wear a modified version of the traditional Ming-style Hanfu in the middle of summer. At what time are we allowed to wear the traditional Ming-style Hanfu?

Many people have the impression that the traditional Ming-style may only be suitable for autumn and wintertime, but this is not the case, as the traditional Hanfu can be worn in late summer as well! In the late summer, when the temperature difference between day and night is higher, you can go out in traditional Ming-style Hanfu!

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

Recommended Wear: cool accessories + jacket + horse-faced skirts

The hallmark of the traditional Ming dynasty Hanfu is the combination of a jacket and a horse-faced skirt. The delicate embroidery of the phoenix in the blue upper jacket is vivid, adding interest and prestige to the Hanfu. The addition of the phoenix totem on top makes the whole Hanfu look mysterious and stylish. The most important combination is in the accessories.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

Accessory #1: fan

The fan as the most classical is also the most common Chinese clothing accessories, It really can bring a slight coolness to everyone in the middle of late summer.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

Accessory #2: Yunjian (cloud shoulders)

There are many types of Yunjian, and in summer, we can choose between pearl Yunjian or silk Yunjian.

Nice Ming-tyle Chinese Dress for Girls (Summer)

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