How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

The hanfu looks fairy full, wearing the body is a unique feeling, and hanfu has so many styles, materials also have their own characteristics. For those of you who like to wear hanfu, do you know exactly how to take care of your hanfu?

There are two main parts to the maintenance of your hanfu, one is the cleaning of the hanfu and the other is the storage of the hanfu. These two parts are crucial, as they determine how long your hanfu will actually last. It's all about attention.

How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

How to clean Hanfu

First of all, let's talk about the cleaning of hanfu. Hanfu is not the same as ordinary clothes, some hanfu is a complete set, and the skirt and sleeves are longer and wider, cleaning needs more careful. There is also the matter of deciding how it should be cleaned based on the different materials of the hanfu.

1. The correct way to wash hanfu should be turned over to wash, and try to hand wash. If you wash it in a washing machine, then put a dust bag on the outside of the hanfu, and then put it in the washing machine, and use a gentle method to gently wash it.

2. The next thing to note is that hanfu of varying shades of color should not be washed together at the same time, either, which can lead to cross-dyeing. It's best to wash dark hanfu and light hanfu separately. For dark-colored hanfu that may be discolored, such as the dark-colored hanfu, you can soak them in warm salt water for a period of time, which can reduce discoloration.

How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

3. For cotton fabric, the first time when cleaning will have shrinkage of the situation can be soaked in a little while before cleaning, time does not too long, or the color will fade.

4. linen fabric, generally more rigid, and then wash the best gentle, do not go strong and hard rubbing, to avoid the fabric surface pilling. And it should not be wrung out hard after washing.

5. The last thing to note is not to dry hanfu under strong sunlight, otherwise, some hanfu will fade. When drying, you should choose to dry the hanfu in a well-ventilated and cool place, avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation, so that hanfu get old.

Next, it's time to talk about the storage of the hanfu.

How to storage Hanfu

1. The first thing to consider is the living environment of the hanfu storage, if it is more humid, then it must be ready to repel insects.

2. And then according to the different fabrics and different styles of hanfu to storage separately. Like silk, cotton, tweed, and other easy to wrinkle easy to shrink the fabric, it is best to hang in the wardrobe, so that you do not have to worry about the problem of deformation of the hanfu. If it's a fabric that doesn't wrinkle or shrink easily, such as chiffon, it can be folded and stored in the closet in a dust bag.

How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

3, if the clothes are long, it is best to hang them in the wardrobe, if they are short, you can fold them and put them in the wardrobe. Keep the wardrobe as dry as possible and ventilate it from time to time.

4. What's more special is the storage of Mamian dress or pleated skirts. On the one hand, avoid the pleats, on the other hand, keep them well. Then, before storage, you can press the bamboo pieces on the pleats, which can protect the pleated skirts.

How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

OK, today's sharing is over. Have you learned how to clean and storage Hanfu? So what kind of maintenance do you prefer?

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How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)
How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

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How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)
How to Take Care of Your Hanfu (Clean & Storage)

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