How to Clean and Store Hanfu?

Hanfu looks fairy-like and has a unique feeling when worn, so there are so many styles of hanfu and different materials, so do you know how to maintain the hanfu?

For the maintenance of hanfu, there are two main parts, one is the cleaning of hanfu and the other is the storage of hanfu.

How to Clean and Store Hanfu?

First of all, let’s talk about the cleaning of hanfu. Hanfu is not quite the same as ordinary clothes, because it is a complete set, and the skirt and sleeves are long and wide, which is not very easy for cleaning. There is also a need to decide how to clean the hanfu according to its different materials, and there are generally the following ways.

  1. The correct way to clean a hanfu should be to turn it over and wash it by hand as much as possible. If you choose to use a washing machine, use a laundry bag to reduce the wear and tear on the hanfu.
  2. The next thing to note is that hanfu of different shades of color should not be washed together at the same time, as this will cause cross staining, and it is best to wash dark hanfu and light hanfu separately. For dark hanfu that may decolorize, you can soak them in warm salt water for a while to reduce decolorization.
  3. For cotton fabric, there will be shrinkage when you wash it for the first time, you can soak it for a short time before washing, not too long, otherwise the color will become lighter.
  4. Hemp fiber fabric, generally stiff, in the cleaning is best to use a gentle approach, do not go strong rubbing, to avoid the surface of the fabric hair.
  5. The last thing to note is that do not expose the hanfu under strong sunlight, otherwise, it will make part of the hanfu fade. When drying, you should choose to dry your hanfu in a well-ventilated and cool place, and turn it over to avoid direct ultraviolet light, which will make the hanfu old.

How to Clean and Store Hanfu?

Next, it’s time to talk about the storage of hanfu.

  1. Hanfu storage, first of all, should be combined with your own living environment, try to keep your closet dry. If it is more humid, then you must be ready to repel insects.
  2. According to the different fabrics of hanfu different styles to be stored separately. Like silk, cotton, linen, wool, and other easy to wrinkle easy to shrink the fabric, it is best to hang in the closet, so you do not have to worry about hanfu deformation problem. If it is chiffon and other fabrics that are not easy to wrinkle and not easy to shrink, you can fold them and store them in the closet with a dust bag.
  3. If it is a longer style hanfu, it is best to hang it in the closet, short style can be folded directly in the closet. But if the conditions allow, it is best to hang in the closet, from time to time for ventilation.
  4. As for the storage of Mamian Qun or Zhequn, you can hang it in the closet and use a clip to hold the skirt head to keep the shape of the pleats. If it is rarely worn, you can fold it according to the pleats to make it easier to wear next time.

How to Clean and Store Hanfu?

What do you usually do about cleaning and storage of hanfu? Welcome to communicate with me.

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