How Can Han Fu Culture Be More Adapted To Modern Society?

Han Fu culture: a fashion and lifestyle

Wearing a beautiful hairpin, Song Nan wore a scarlet standing collar long Ao (长袄) and a woven gold and blue Mamian skirt (马面裙), resembling a woman who had crossed over from ancient times to modern times. "What I'm wearing is Ming Dynasty clothing, long Ao and Mamian skirt are very popular," Song Nan said.

Song Nan, 37, paid attention to Hanfu as early as 20 years ago. "I'm wearing Hanfu 24 hours a day. There are hundreds of Hanfu in my wardrobe. In the past, when I was on the street in a Hanfu, I was always looked at by people. Some people came to me and asked, "is it filming?" now, no one would think it strange. Everyone has accepted Hanfu very well. "

How Can Han Fu Culture Be More Adapted To Modern Society?

Miss Tourism World 2019 global finalists, wearing Hanfu, walk into the Langyatai Scenic Area in Qingdao on Oct. 3, 2019.

As a practitioner of Chinese Han Fu culture, Hu Tingzhou's favorite piece is a 70-pound set of replica Tang Dynasty armor. This set of armor is made almost exactly according to ancient techniques. More than a decade ago, this set of armor would have been impossible to produce because there was no master who could make it.

"More than a decade ago, the Hanfu revival was in its infancy. In Xi'an, there were only three or four local Hanfu brands. Some Hanfu shops closed down after a few days of new openings." Hu Tingzhou said, "Now it's different, and Hanfu stores are everywhere."

How Can Han Fu Culture Be More Adapted To Modern Society?

Zhang Xisong had once started a Hanfu company in 2008, but not a single item was sold and it closed down in six months. And in 2010, he made a comeback, setting up a new company with six professional designers and three brick-and-mortar stores. The annual sales volume has reached over one million pieces in the last two years.

Zhang Xisong said that Hanfu is a product of history, and different eras of Hanfu have different aesthetic values. The beauty of Hanfu is mainly reflected in the color matching, material selection, accessories embellishment, costume structure, and other aspects. In the course of history, Hanfu, and national costumes of different regions have borrowed, absorbed, and integrated each other to form a complete costume culture system. Hanfu has a rich and wide variety of Hanfu, and there will always be people who like Hanfu.

Behind the Han Fu: profound cultural connotations to be explained

Hanfu is a general term for the costume of the entire Han nation, which is the representative costume produced by the Han nation through continuous natural evolution and ethnic fusion in thousands of years of history, and is an important expression of Chinese traditional culture.

"Although the Hanfu is an ancient costume, it has a beautiful design and a flowing style, which is very much in line with the aesthetic needs of modern young people. The popularity of Hanfu is directly related to the rise of traditional culture in recent years," Gao Yongan, an associate professor at the Renmin University of China, said.

How Can Han Fu Culture Be More Adapted To Modern Society?

Zheng Huilong, born in 1991, is a true fan of Hanfu. In his view, the popularity of Hanfu is "inevitable" and "certain", and he laments that Hanfu and classical music are very popular these two years. On the one hand, because of the exquisiteness of the Chinese Hanfu, which has been handed down for thousands of years; on the other hand, because in recent years, in TV dramas and other ancient costumes designs in films and TV productions are becoming more and more elaborate, and the number of related variety shows is increasing, allowing young people to see these traditions and cultures.

Many Hanfu add popular elements of modern clothing to the tradition, and the improved Hanfu is also popular among young people, which is a creative transformation of the traditional culture.

The revival of Hanfu is still very long

At the same time, there are different voices. Some people say that Hanfu is a treasure of traditional clothing and culture, which should be put in museums rather than in real life. Hanfu fans say that Hanfu is not only a culture but also a garment. People can not only like the external beauty of this garment, but also deeply understand its internal etiquette culture.

Under the background of contemporary cultural globalization, the rejuvenation of Hanfu is a journey of cultural traceability of the Han nationality. Therefore, it is not necessary to be too critical of people's liking for the beautiful appearance of Hanfu, which can be regarded as the representation and opportunity of the rejuvenation of traditional excellent culture and properly guided.

"Hanfu can be used as a visual cultural symbol to show traditional culture to people, which is convenient for the organization, exchange, and display," said Gao. Hanfu itself is a part of traditional culture and a carrier of culture. "

How Can Han Fu Culture Be More Adapted To Modern Society?

Han Fu culture should not only be able to inherit, carry forward, and develop. At present, the culture of Hanfu only stays on the surface of liking and displaying, lacking some in-depth development. We should create more opportunities for people to wear and understand Chinese clothes, so as to form a benign social phenomenon, so as to promote the development of related industries and the revival of traditional culture.

Only when we have a deep understanding of the cultural connotation behind clothing, and make the appearance and connotation complement each other, can Hanfu shine brightly.

Carrying forward Han Fu culture can not be inherited blindly, but also needs to be developed and innovated in accordance with the characteristics of the times, Han Fu culture that can meet the needs of modern society.


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