6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

If you don’t know enough about Hanfu style, it often gives you a feeling of being cumbersome to wear, and it can be very hot in summer. In fact, the design concept of Chinese clothing is different from the Western design concept, which is to be cool by relaxed ventilation.

The structure of Chinese clothing has varied from generation to generation, but there is not much difference in the style of winter and summer clothing, which usually includes underwear, coats, and accessories, while winter and summer only have the difference in the thickness of the fabric, which also allows different styles of Chinese clothing to easily cope with different climatic seasons.

In fact, there are very many styles of Hanfu that are suitable for summer wear. Today, we are going to introduce you to a few Hanfu styles that is suitable for summer.

Beizi & Song pants

The Beizi is the most popular style in summer, and when paired with the Song trousers, it is light and suitable for the activity, almost a must-have summer Hanfu style.

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer


Wearing a lightly colored Banbi shirt will visually give a cooler look. Even if the dress is a simple plain color, dark patterns or embroidery on the material will not make the dress look too monotonous.

It can be worn directly with an elemental skirt or fashion pants, which are very versatile.

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

Qixiong Ruqun

The Ruqun is also perfect for summer, and is always a welcome presence in the summer.

You can choose to match the color sweet and innocent Qixiong Ruqun style, choose diamond chiffon martial, with a light blue to give a refreshing feeling.

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

Tan collar Ruqun

The style of the Tan collar Ruqun is similar to the modern short sleeves shirt. You can choose a combination of silk, chiffon and other materials, and wear it cool and breathable.
6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

Duijin Ruqun

For a girly look to the Hanfu, Duijin Ruqun is a great choice. The colors can be chosen in bright colors to give a cool feeling of coming to a summer lake. It aslo can act as a sunscreen shirt in summer and is just right to wear out and about.
6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

Han element

And of course, use your imagination and incorporate Han elements into your everyday outfit. The Han dress + Han elements, not only have the classic elements of Hanfu dress, but also fuse the style of modern fashion, so that you have more wonderful clothes for summer.

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

6 Hanfu Styles for Summer

Generally speaking, as long as the fabric is light enough to breathe, it’s not too hot to wear in summer.

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