Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female

Hanfu is not just the costume of the Han Dynasty, as many people understand. Rather, it refers to the clothing system developed over the past 4,000 years from the Yellow Emperor to the end of the Ming Dynasty, with Chinese civilization as the center.

It represents China's national character of harmony, elegance, and gentleness, which is dignified but not too gorgeous. Hanfu is not only a simple clothing representative, but also the embodiment of Chinese national etiquette and culture.

Hanfu styles are diverse, or gentle and dynamic, or comfortable and leisurely, and this article mainly introduces you to the "Gorgeous Style" Chinese formal dress for female, which symbolizes wealth and dignity.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female



Highlights of Gorgeous Style Hanfu Dressing

The Gorgeous Xiapei

Xiapei (霞帔) is one of the most common decorative parts of gorgeous hanfu, similar in form and function to a modern shawl.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female

It is also a symbol of status for different classes and has strict rules on texture, color, and pattern. Although the Xiapei does not account for a large percentage of the entire hanfu set, it is indeed the most eye-catching part.

The Xiapei is often the same color as the hanfu, and is embellished with gold embroideries such as phoenixes and clouds, and the two lapels are printed with auspicious clouds and dark flowers, which is noble and atmospheric.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female

The Gorgeous Pattern

"Gorgeous Style" hanfu often has another important dressing highlight, which is the gorgeous pattern and ornamentation.

Simple hanfu tend to have simple ornamentation, while gorgeous hanfu show a noble atmosphere everywhere. Like women's Chinese formal dress are generally more larks, phoenixes, feathers, flowers, auspicious clouds and other symbols of wealth and good fortune, and more gold embroidery or add gold stamping design, exquisite and charming.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female



How to Match Gorgeous Style Hanfu?

Pick a Hanfu with Bright Base Colors

In order to reflect the gorgeousness, light colors, which represent the quality of elegance and quietness, are no longer suitable. It is best to choose bright and vivid colors such as red, dark green, dark blue, and orange as the base color.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female

These colors are highly saturated and have an excellent effect on one's temperament; at the same time, the bright hues can enhance the wearer's momentum and have an important role in showing the hanfu's luxurious style.

With Classical Makeup

The most important part of matching temperament with the gorgeous hanfu style is the makeup. In order to highlight the gorgeous and rich styling, the face naturally should not be too gaunt and dismal, but should be the most appropriate with slightly thicker makeup.

The first in the lip color, we can boldly pick the matte red, this shade of noble beauty, painted on the wearer will be able to show the empress's temperament.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female

As for the eyebrows, we can also make them slightly thicker than the willow eyebrows, which can reflect the imposing nature of the dress. At the same time, we can also pay more attention to the depiction of eyeliner, enlarge the eyes, reshape the eye line, and increase the fit of makeup and clothing.

In addition, to give a highlight to the overall makeup, we can also create a Huadian makeup effect between the forehead and the end of the eyebrows. You can use the traditional red plum blossom style, but also some gold ornaments or pearls as embellishments to enhance the dynamics of the makeup.

Choosing Luxurious Headdress

The most important thing is that you should not only look exquisite in the makeup, but also in the headdress.

As you may know from watching Chinese costume dramas, when it comes to the Empress's enthronement ceremony or important reception scenes, the Empress must be full of gold hairpins, bright and dazzling. When we match the gorgeous Chinese formal dress, it is best to also choose the gold phoenix style hairpin or crown, to show their noble elegance is the most appropriate gold.

Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female Chinese Formal Dress: Gorgeous Style Hanfu for Female

In addition to the headdress, we can also pick gold Buyao (步摇) as an ornament, which is more diverse than ordinary jewelry levels, flexibility is also stronger, extremely rich.

If only with gold jewelry seems too monotonous, you can also choose red and green stones or white pearls embellished in between the gold headdress, several colors to match, complement each other.

Hanfu has lasted for thousands of years and is still glorious. Compared to ancient times when such gorgeous Chinese formal dress could only be worn by royalty or nobility, in modern times, everyone has the opportunity to see or wear them, which undoubtedly has a great positive meaning for the spread and popularity of hanfu.


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