Will Hanfu Appear in Figure Skating Arena?

The new season of figure skating from 2019 to 2020 is approaching. Although most of the players'new season songs have been released, there are still some top players whose programs are still kept secret.

Sui Wenjing, a Chinese skater, recently uploaded a video of her skating in traditional hanfu on her social account. In the video, Sui Wenjing, dressed in hanfu, covered with light yarn, has a wonderful posture. It's different from all the games and performances in the past. It really has a different style.

In releasing this video, Sui Wenjing also wrote that this is a relatively complete version of "Hanfu on the Ice rink" which she and her companions had been polishing for a long time.

In fact, after the World Championship in March this year, Sui Wenjing posted her experimental attempt to put on ice in her Hanfu on her social account. In fact, since the World Championship in March this year, Sui Wenjing has published her experimental attempt in hanfu on her social account.

Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

“For the first time, there are pants too long, places that are not suitable for ice, etc. But judging from recent performances, the newly improved Hanfu today has solved this problem quite well.”

This also makes people wonder, maybe, in the coming new season, Sui Wenjing will really bring Han clothes to the ice rink of the competition? How likely is this?

Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

Sui Wenjing's love for Han clothes has reached a certain level in recent years. Over 90% of her social account sharing was hanfu, styles and colors are also different. The shape of Chinese dress really suits her. Sui also revealed that there are more than a dozen different styles and colors of hanfu in her homes! Can be said to be a senior enthusiast.

Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

In fact, it is a common practice to apply the traditional costumes and music of the athletes'own country to the competition.
As we all know, Yuzuru Hanyu's "SEIMEI", whose music and stories are Japanese style, his costume design is the traditional Japanese hunting suit.

Yuzuru Hanyu's designer, Ito Congmei, has also designed Korean and Japanese style competition clothes for many competitors. Players can transform traditional elements of their country into their own acting styles. In fact, Hanfu is a very beautiful traditional Chinese costume, carrying people's best picture of fair ladies. It would be great if it could be used in figure skating.

Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

Yuzuru Hanyu 's "SEIMEI"

At present, Sui Wenjing's new season programs are still in a state of secrecy. Considering the complexity of the "Hanfu Skating Show" disclosed in the video of the Xiaosui Dynasty, it seems that it is not suitable for the competition. On the contrary, it is quite suitable for the appearance of costumes and styles as performances.

Sui Wenjing's combination of traditional costumes, traditional culture, and figure skating is already a great attempt. It's also very much anticipated.

Will Hanfu appear in figure skating arena?

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