How to Handle a New Beautiful Chinese Costume?

As people's acceptance of Chinese costume culture is increasing, many people are enjoying this unique and charming costume, so more and more people are buying it. And many Chinese costume enthusiasts have a question after receiving their new Chinese costume, do they need to wash the new one? What should be done about it?

Hanfu Guide | About the Handling of New Chinese Costumes


Characteristics of the New Chinese Costume

Many new Chinese costumes will smell a faint odor when they arrive and open the package, which is the smell that comes with the fabric of the clothes themselves.

There are some other Chinese costumes because they are more high-end, so the seller will disinfect them before shipping, and the surface smell of the clothes is almost non-existent, or even a little bit of disinfectant smell.

But most Chinese costumes are not sterilized before shipment, they are folded and put into bags after they are made in the factory, and then shipped directly to the marketing department, and then directly to the world.

There are also some factories that are not very particular about their Chinese costumes. Due to their low cost and low labor cost, they will put the Chinese costumes on the floor, which will cause some of them to be stepped on by people and make the surface of the clothes dirty.

Hanfu Guide | About the Handling of New Chinese Costumes


Hanfu Beginners' Treatment of New Chinese Costumes

Hanfu beginners usually open the package when they get a new Hanfu, and then put it on to see if the size fits, if it's too big or too small, and if it fits, they can just cut off the tag.

Hanfu Guide | About the Handling of New Chinese Costumes



Most Hanfu Fans Handling the New Chinese Costumes

After receiving the new Hanfu, most Hanfu fans will generally first open and lay it flat to see if there is dirt on the surface of the clothes, count the Chinese costume set is complete, and then check if the yardage is appropriate, after using high-temperature ironing again (the role of high-temperature ironing is to kill some of the bacteria), and then put the clothes through the water to remove the dirt on the surface of the clothes.



The Correct Way to Handle Receiving a New Chinese Costume

1. Check if the number of clothes is complete

The Chinese costume is different from our ordinary clothes, often a set of Chinese costumes will have at least three or four pieces of clothing fabric with, or even seven or eight. Many people often reflect that they have received incomplete goods when buying Hanfu online, so the first time when we receive Chinese clothing to count the number of pieces of clothing to complete, if not complete that we must immediately take photos and contact businesses.

2. Check the surface of the clothes for tears and dirt

After counting the number of pieces, we have to lay the Chinese costume flat and open it up to see if there is any dirt or damage, and if the dirty part is just a few pieces, we can clean it later.

However, if the dirty part is a small piece or even a big piece, then we should contact the merchant immediately, take photos, and return the Hanfu. If your clothes are damaged, you should also contact the merchant immediately to return or exchange your Chinese clothing.

Hanfu Guide | About the Handling of New Chinese Costumes

3. Put on your own clothes before you try on the Hanfu

No matter it is daily clothes or Chinese costume, we have to try it on to know whether the size of the clothes is right or not and whether there is any discomfort.

But when we try it on, we have to wear one of our own clothes before we try it on, so as to avoid the sweat of our body from being stained on the new clothes, and when we return it, it will be convenient for the merchants to check, clean and send it to the next customer.

4. Washing Chinese costumes

Many Hanfu looks like it is dirt free, but in fact, it is still dirty and we have to wash it in water. Different fabrics have different cleaning methods, for more detail please see The Most Complete Guide to Washing Hanfu in Summer.

Pay attention to the fabric as well as the color when cleaning. Light-colored Chinese clothing should not be washed together with dark-colored ones, as it is easy to stain them. About how to deal with Hanfu Fading and Staining Problems, you can also refer to How to Deal with Hanfu Fading and Staining Problems?

Hanfu Guide | About the Handling of New Chinese Costumes

5.Drying and ironing of Hanfu

When the Hanfu is dried, it is best to iron it, the purpose of high-temperature ironing is to get some disinfection on the surface of the clothes to reduce the residue of bacteria and mites, and also to make the costume look more flat and tidy.

After reading the above, do you know what to do with your new Chinese costume? Hopefully, everyone will buy their favorite Hanfu and then wear them safely and healthily.



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