How to Deal with Chinese Costume Staining Problems?

As we know, Chinese costume needs to be cleaned when it gets dirty, and it's very common for many people to get stained when cleaning Chinese costume. When the color of the dark Chinese costume has stained on the white Chinese costume, how do we clean it?


What Should I Do If Hanfu is Faded and Dyed to the White Part?

When washing your Chinese costume, the white inside tends to stain or turn yellow easily. In this case, you can soak and then wash the clothes with diluted white vinegar, it will make the clothes very easy to clean and the stains will come off quickly.

You can also use some bright white laundry detergents that can make your clothes bright and white, such as some bright white laundry detergent and strong laundry detergent.

How to Deal with Hanfu Staining Problems

Usually, this type of laundry detergent will contain breakthrough and efficient cleaning particles that will remove more stains than regular laundry detergent, making white clothes whiter and cleaner.

It's important to note that a typical bright white laundry detergent will have a higher concentration than regular laundry detergent, so don't use a laundry detergent containing the original liquid directly with your clothes when you wash them.


How can I Prevent Chinese Costume Staining?

1. Wash the New Chinese Costume before Wearing It

Generally speaking, a new Chinese costume should be washed separately before wearing it. On the one hand, it is to prevent the clothes from fading. On the other hand, some chemicals may remain on the new Chinese costume and need to be removed.

2. Dark Chinese Clothing Should be Washed Separately

The dark or floral table Chinese clothing, in general, may float in water, so be sure to wash these Chinese clothing separately.

3. Quick Wash

In order to prevent the fading of Chinese clothing, should not be soaked in hot water, soapy water, alkaline solution for more than half an hour, and do not scrub with a brush and scrubbing board.

How to Deal with Hanfu Staining Problems

4. Acid and Alkali Washing

Add vinegar to the water before washing brightly colored cotton Chinese clothing (such as red or purple).

5. Washing Method of Nectar

This method is applied to cotton and woolen fabrics, and a few drops of nectar in water, followed by soaking the Hanfu dress in water for ten minutes, will remove the odor of sweat and prevent the Chinese costume from staining.


Why does the Chinese Costume Change Color After a Long Time?

  • Hanfu will be slightly discolored and brittle if it is kept in the wardrobe for a long time because of pests and mildew.
  • Due to the effect of light and heat in the storage environment, the clothing will become yellow.
  • The dyes used in the fabric of Chinese clothing varies, some dyes will be sublimated and lead to the fading of the fabric.
  • Dyes and finishing agents will be oxidized and hydrolyzed due to sunlight and moisture, like sulfuric acid will be released when dyeing with vulcanized dyes, which will lead to brittle Chinese clothing after a long time.

How to Deal with Hanfu Staining Problems


How to Take Care of Your Hanfu?

  • Use the right way to wash Hanfu, if the Hanfu is dirty, try to wash it by hand, and do not brush or rub it by hand.
  • If you have to use a washing machine, put it into a laundry bag before washing. When washing, pay attention to the dark Chinese costume and the light color of the separate wash to avoid losing color. When washing dark colored Chinese clothing, you can soak it in warm salt water for half an hour first to reduce the color loss of the fabric. To prevent the fabric from pilling, please do not wring it out after washing.
  • If the Hanfu is made of polyester, it should be soaked in cold water for about 20 minutes, and then washed with synthetic detergent, and the temperature should not exceed 45℃.
  • If the collar and cuffs are dirty, you can use a brush to gently scrub them. Not too hard, after washing, rinse dry and then wash, to gently wring the water. Then hang it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, not put it under the sun, so as not to let the ultraviolet rays make the Chinese costume old. Neither should it be dried, to prevent the Chinese costume from wrinkling due to the heat.

Chinese costume is different from the clothes we wear in daily life, so it must be properly maintained to prevent it from becoming brittle and turning yellow.

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