3 Tips for Men to Picking Right Hanfu Style

We've shared a lot of advice on how to wear Hanfu for girls, but whether it's for formal occasions or everyday life, Hanfu is just as suitable for men, and can be vintage and formal, as well as relaxed and casual. Let's take a look at what advice we have for men on how to wear Hanfu.

1. Choose the right basic style - Zhongyi (中衣)

While paying attention to the new style, you may as well add a basic style with a good texture for yourself. The most common basic style of men's wear is Zhongyi. A Zhongyi is similar to a shirt in a modern suit, and it may become a versatile one with jeans and Beizi. The better material is not easy to pilling, the neckline is more comfortable, and the fabric is easy to take care of. These are the points that need to be paid attention to when buying the basic model. Zhongyi's basic choice is nothing more than white and gray.

3 Tips for Men to Picking Right Hanfu Style

2. Color is the most important thing in outerwear

Men's clothing styles are more common are Beizi, Dachang, Zhiju, Zhiduo, Taoist robe, now more popular Feiyu robe, round neck robes, etc. However, generally speaking, if the outerwear material is not superior, it is recommended not to use the more saturated colors, insurance colors are black, white, gray. Full body dressing, according to the outside and inside points, outer clothing, skirt, lining, from the top and down points, crown, clothing, shoes, body-color as far as possible not more than three, a color system as far as possible not more than two, the number of layers not more than three.

3 Tips for Men to Picking Right Hanfu Style

Men's Hanfu color is actually very difficult to choose, if you are not interested in the saturation of the color, then the existing Feiyu robe, round neck robes of a variety of color options, to a certain extent, can also meet the demand, but saturation and embroidery are too heavy clothes, more suitable for particularly solemn occasions. Men's patterns are generally based on allegorical symbols representing status or temperament, so it's also important to see if the embroidery suits you when selecting clothing.

3 Tips for Men to Picking Right Hanfu Style

3. Material

The material is preferably pure linen, satin, polyester, which is thick and stiff, and it is important to shape the upper body. Compared to three-dimensional tailoring, Hanfu clothing relies more on the stiffness of the fabric to shape, so if the fabric is soft, it will be more suitable for the girl to wear. When shopping, you need to pay attention to whether the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, and if not, you need to iron it. There will actually be a big difference in visual texture between a garment with pleats and one that has been ironed.

3 Tips for Men to Picking Right Hanfu Style

4. Summary

The main points of men's clothing selection in the modern Hanfu are as follows:

  1. Pay attention to the fabric texture of clothing
  2. An exquisite version of the details of workmanship, upper body fit.
  3. Try to avoid too fancy color matching.
  4. Embroidery patterns should be suitable for you.
  5. In terms of collocation, if not for specific occasions, wigs are not needed, and appropriate crowns and shoes are needed in formal occasions.
  6. Daily wear can be mixed with fashion.

3 Tips for Men to Picking Right Hanfu Style

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