Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

Nowadays, taking pictures to record beautiful scenery and daily life has long become our habit. People's pursuit of beauty has never stopped, so the phenomenon of Hanfu photography has emerged.

Of course, in addition to wearing Hanfu and posing in various ways, people have also found many new and exciting locations and poses for photos. For example, taking photos underwater, borrowing the different environment and light effects that we have in the water, makes our photos look more unique.

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

Naturally, there are many things to keep in mind in order to take aesthetic photos underwater.

i. Makeup choices

First of all, keep your makeup as waterproof and simple as possible, as it is easy for makeup to peel off or wear off without waterproofing. In addition, the make-up should not be too thick, heavy make-up will not show the softness of the skin in underwater photos. When we take photos underwater, our skin will be beautifully photographed, so we don't have to worry about looking bad. On the contrary, waterproof makeup and simple makeup are the only way to go for underwater photos!
Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

ii. Hanfu selection

Secondly, do not choose too thick Hanfu, when entering the water, the water will create some resistance, the clothes will easily become bulky after absorbing water, which will increase the burden.

And, we can hold our breath in the water time is also very limited, if the weight of the clothing to their own increased burden, then the time to hold their breath in the water to take pictures will also be greatly shortened.

This will bring a certain safety hazard to the person being photographed. So take underwater photos of Hanfu, be sure to pay attention to this problem!

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

iii. Small details of the photoshoot

1. expression control.

Also, pay attention to your underwater facial expressions. It is very easy for us to have trouble breathing and keep our eyes open underwater. Therefore, we must do our personal underwater exercises before shooting. It may sound like a hassle, but it's not. The underwater practice is really just to be able to get used to the environment and feel of the water so that you are able to open your eyes as much as possible in the water.

In this case, we can talk to the photographer beforehand so that he can finish the shoot as soon as possible during that small amount of time you are underwater. In the water, as long as we keep our eyes open and borrow the light from underwater, we will generally get a very good shot. The light from the water will make your eyes look more dynamic.

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

2. Discuss in advance

Finally, negotiate the posture with the photographer in advance. The most important thing for underwater photography is to discuss the position with the photographer, otherwise, it will be a waste of time, and the photographer can not grasp the best opportunity to take photos. If you miss it, you will need to repeat shooting, which will be a big project again.

Of course, because of the underwater light requirements, should discuss the time with the photographer, generally around noon is the best time! At this time, the light is vertical, the effect will be nice!

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

Fancy Hanfu Photography Underwater

Underwater Hanfu photography can be risky, always ensure your safety, and try to find a professional venue and shoot with a safety professional.

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