4 Tips You Should Know about Ruqun

The Ruqun(襦裙) is one of the earliest and most basic forms of clothing in the history of Han costumes. From the Warring States period with physical evidence, at the end of the Ming and Qing Dynasties with the "shaving and easy clothing". Is the most basic form of traditional Han costumes. In the meantime, more than 2,000 years, although the length and width have changed, the basic form has always maintained the original style.

The Ruqun(襦裙) consists of the lower dress and the upper jaw (is short coat) and is generally called the Changfu (常服, uniform).

  1. According to the collar type, the Ruqun can be divided into:
    • "Jiaoling Ruqun (交领襦裙, cross collar Ruqun)"
    • "Zhiling Ruqun (直领襦裙, straight collar Ruqun)"
  2. According to the waist position of the dress, can be divided into:
    • "Zhongyao Ruqun (中腰襦裙, a middle waist Ruqun)"
    • "Gaoyao Ruqun (高腰襦裙, a high waist Ruqun)"
    •  "Qixiong Ruqun (齐胸襦裙, a chest Ruqun)"
      4 Tips You Should Know about Ruqun

      "Jiaoling Ruqun"

      4 Tips You Should Know about Ruqun

      "Zhiling Ruqun"

  3. the Jiaoling Ruqun: the cross-collar dress is quite common in the Song Dynasty, it is characterized by the captain for the cross-collar.Can be subdivided into three:
      • Jiaoling-Qiyao Ruqun(交领-齐腰襦裙,cross-collar Qi waist Ruqun): Qiyao Ruqun: dress's waist and waist are flush.
      • Jiaoling-Gaoyao Ruqun (交领-高腰襦裙,cross-collar high waist Ruqun): Gaoyao Ruqun: The line (the belt position) is below the chest, above the waist, between the chest and the waist.
      • JiaoLing-Qixiong-Ruqun (交领-齐胸襦裙, cross collar- chest Ruqun): Qixiong-Ruqun: the position of the belt is above the chest.

        4 Tips You Should Know about Ruqun

        "Gaoyao Ruqun"

      • Zhiling-Ruqun(直领襦裙,straight-collar Ruqun) can also be called: Duijin-Ruqun (对领襦裙,try-plasymmecket dress); the upper jaw is a straight collar and the placket is symmetrical.

Can be subdivided into three:

    • Duijin-Qiyao Ruqun (对领-齐腰襦裙, symmetry placket-qi waist Ruqun)
    • Duijin-Gaoyao Ruqun(对领-齐腰襦裙, symmetry placket-high waist Ruqun)
    • Duijin-Qixiong Ruqun(对领-齐腰襦裙, symmetry placket-chest Ruqun)

      4 Tips You Should Know about Ruqun

      "Qixiong Ruqun"

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