More People Like to Join Hanfu Fashion

The aesthetics of mankind has always undergone earth-shaking changes with the changes of the times. At different times, beauty has different performances. An inclusive country is often reflected in their clothing. Walking down the street, we often see people dressed in Chinese Hanfu. Like everyone else on the street, they wear Chinese Hanfu to go shopping, eat, wait for traffic lights. Their straightforward attitude reveals their confidence in history and their passion for traditional culture.

More People Like to Join Hanfu Fashion

In Ancient China, especially nobles or large families, the requirements for dressing are almost strict, for example, a hat has countless complicated kinds because the "crown" represents the social status of this person. From the time of the Yellow Emperor, people began to use cloth to make clothes.

However, due to the backwardness of science and technology and the lack of material, the cloth is very scarce, so the cloth is also an ornament of aristocratic symbolic rights. The Yellow Emperor is also the earliest designer in China. He proposed that "the sleeves are wide and drooping".this should also be the prototype of China's most famous clothing "robes". In the Han Dynasty, the fabric was fully developed and the Hanfu became diverse.

More People Like to Join Hanfu Fashion

Of course, due to advances in science and technology, cloth and silk have also entered the homes of ordinary people, the famous articles "Chu Shi Biao" from the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China have been recorded: "I used to be just a common person wearing a cloth, Living in Nanyang with cultivated land, only hope that I can save my life in the war." In the Han Dynasty, the robe(Pao) was fully developed. The Han Dynasty official clothing inherits the Qin system, the cuffs are wide, the embroidery is exquisite, using the finest silk, these clothes are untouchable to ordinary people throughout their lives.

Han Dynasty costumes are the treasures of Chinese culture. Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, Chinese clothing has been continuously improved and processed. With the development and advancement of technology, people's clothes have become more and more beautiful. Clothing is no longer a tool used to avoid cold and warmth. It is a symbol of people's love of beauty and status. The Chinese have given clothes more social significance. Our once splendid costume culture needs more people to understand and pass on.

More People Like to Join Hanfu Fashion

Welcome to join us to experience the happiness and pride of Hanfu.


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