Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

Hanfu is a traditional Chinese costume and one of China’s 5,000-year cultural symbols. In the last century, Hanfu was once forgotten by Chinese people. However, since the 21st century, through the Hanfu movement, Chinese Hanfu has reappeared in people's vision, and combined with modern design elements, making Hanfu rejuvenate.

Top 10 Chinese Hanfu Dress 2018

With the revival of Chinese Hanfu costume, more and more people wear Hanfu and walk on the streets. Maybe one day you will find out, Oh! the beautiful clothes that the women wore were Hanfu clothes. Now through this article, let us take a look at the most popular Hanfu in 2018.

1. Kirin Costume

Kirin, a traditional Chinese beast, has a mild temperament. In the legend, Kirin can live for thousands of years. The ancient people believed that when the Kirin appeared, there must be auspiciousness. Therefore, it is often used to describe people with outstanding talent and noble moral character. Kirin Hanfu costume is the best clothes for excellent people.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

I have a childhood friend who is going to study abroad soon, so I always wanted to send her a special gift. One night I saw the Kirin movie on TV, and the inspiration flashed in my mind. I rushed into my studio immediately and drew the prototype of these clothes. After 14 hours, it finally completed. It has pinned all my blessings, hope she could learn and obtain a degree and become a person who can contribute to society in the future.

-- Yun

2. Phoenix Dress

In China, the phoenix means a noble status. At the earliest time in ancient, only the royal family are qualified to wear phoenix clothes on very important occasions to celebrate sacrifice activities or traditional festivals. It is often represented as an ancient luxury fashion and high quality. Later, a famous dancer could also allow wearing this kind of clothes to perform dances for god or the nobility.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

Like the Chinese dragon, the phoenix is ​​the noblest animal in ancient mythology. And it is often used to represent a girl born in a noble family and live a full carefree life. I hope this Hanfu dress can bring good luck to everyone and get a happy life.

-- Luna

3. White fox

In traditional mythology, the white fox is a nine-tailed fairy with nine lives. The fox fairy came to the world and incarnate into a beautiful woman, then she became the queen of the Shang Dynasty emperor. In the end, the emperor was addicted to the beauty of the fox fairy, regardless of the state affairs, which eventually led to the breakdown of the entire country.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

White fox has always been the representative of cold beauty in China. They look white and innocent, beautiful, and dangerous. But once fall into their tender dreams, you will not be able to extricate yourself and eventually go to destruction.

-- Julia

4. Camellia Flower

The red camellia is a natural beauty, with passion and desire for love. Camellia blossoms on the occasion of winter and spring, dignified and elegant. It is also one of the top 10 famous flowers in China. When the camellia fades, not the whole flower falls, but the petals gradually fade away one by one, until the end of life. Such a careful, reluctant way of withering is the same as the attitude of people pursuing ideal partners, so camellia has become a representative of sweet and one-man women.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

I always wanted to design modern Hanfu clothing, since I am a sensible woman and love life very much. I will work hard to pursue what I like, without any doubts. Therefore, I hope that this fashion camellia can bring psychological confidence to beautiful women and fight for your dreams.

-- Anna

5. Summer Time

In the hot summer days, ancient people did not have air conditioning. How did they spend the time in the summer? The answer is Classical Gardens. In ancient times, it was a very common thing to play in the classical garden, just like we are now in the public park. The ancients built a lot of gardens, planted high trees shade block the sun, and there are many pavilions at the poolside of the garden. People meet together to play chess, play in the water, drink tea, and listen to the Chinese ancient piano. This is the best place to share time in the summer.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

Because traditional clothing materials can't be very thin. It was a very painful thing to wear Hanfu in the summer, it's was too hot. Thanks to the improvement of modern textile technology, we can design cool summer clothes with thin materials. The summer Hanfu is light and cool, helps you enjoy the summertime.

-- Sofie

6. Miss Aristocracy

Who used to lead the fashion of Hanfu? The latest styles of Hanfu clothes were almost first worn by rich and famous ladies. They were so rich with a large family that could invite the most famous tailors at that time and applies the paintings of the great painters to new Hanfu design. Therefore, their Hanfu clothes were always the object of imitation and has a profound influence on the trend of ancient clothes.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

There is a lot of TV series now, telling the story of the protagonist crossing time and space and returning to the past. More and more people are discussing a super hot topic. If you can cross back to ancient times one day, who do you want to be?

-- Linlin

7. Fairy Love

There is a famous proverb in China, Only Envy The Mandarin Duck Not Immortal (只羡鸳鸯不羡仙). It means I can give up everything for love, nothing is more valuable in front of love, including life. In the legend, a fairy is the daughter of God, lives in heaven. They have extraordinary wisdom and beautiful looks. Heaven prohibits fairies from falling in love, but a fairy came to the world and find her true love. She gave up the fairy, became a normal woman, and spent the rest of life with her lover. She said that if you can't live with someone you love, endless life doesn't make any sense.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

When I was a little girl, I read the fairy novel, and I was really moved by the fairy love story. Now i'm very happy and honored to have the opportunity to design a Hanfu costume for the fairy. I also wish all the little fairies can find their love.

-- Luo

8. Peony Flower

Peony is one of the Chinese national flowers, with a rich meaning. The color of the peony is gorgeous, and it has the title of the queen of flowers. When it blooms, all other flowers will lose their brilliance. There is a saying used to describe peony that is called national Beauty And Heavenly Fragrance(国色天香).

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

I like peony very much and planted a lot of peonies in my garden. Every time the peony blossoms, I draw for each flower. It‘s always my idea to design a set of peony clothes. In order to achieve this ideal, I visited many famous painters and consulted a lot of books. After 3 months of hard work, I finally completed this artwork.

-- Yang

9. Simple Ruqun

Traditional Chinese clothes need to be well dressed and worn, which makes many girls feel difficult. The simple Hanfu is a modern dress combine with the Hanfu element and modern fashion dress design. It not only retains the style of Chinese clothes, but also is particularly fashionable and leisure.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

Many girls are worried about wearing traditional Chinese clothes to go out because they don't know how to wear Hanfu and afraid to dress in the wrong way. This new style of Hanfu dress is especially suitable for novices and can be worn as an ordinary dress.

-- Zoe

10. Hero Girl

In ancient China, there was a profession called Swordsman. If you have seen movies about Chinese ancient KungFu before, you may be very familiar with this kind of clothes. This style of Hanfu clothing is specially designed for sportspeople, flexible, and very handsome, is the hero's battle suit. And of course, there are female heroes who can also use KungFu to punish evil and save the world.

Best Hanfu Clothing 2018

There used to be a girl who had the same dream all the time. In dreams, her favorite man was a hero of the world. One day, this man would ride colorful rainbow clouds to marry her. When the little girl grows up, and she took off her women's clothes, put on men's wear, and go around the world to find her hero.

-- Mumu

Which one do you think is the best Chinese Hanfu 2018? If you want to learn more about the latest Hanfu dress and Hanfu news, welcome to Hanfu News Center and share your Hanfu story with 1 million Hanfu fans.

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