What is the Wuxia Clothing Called in Martial Arts World?

Wuxia clothing is a fantasy martial arts garment, and also called as xianxia clothing in immortal wuxia novels. In most cases, Wuxia clothes are made specifically for filming movies and costume TV series, so there are many kinds.

Martial arts clothing is based on the traditional Chinese Hanfu Version (loose fit design and is worn left over right), but it is not a simple copy. Because there are few strict textual research on historical clothes, and designers can freely design them, most of the martial arts clothes we see in the film do not exist in history. Strictly speaking, it is a kind of modern clothing.

martial arts clothing

Many excellent wuxia films and ancient Chinese dramas have good appearance, kungfu movements, and dancing beauty design. They keep innovating in following the ancient culture, the background of the times, the character's personality, etc. Both fabric selection and color matching are carefully designed to ultimate beauty and strive for perfection.

It can be said that wuxia clothing is exquisite modern art. So let's explore the fantastic martial arts world through these beautiful wuxia clothes.

1. Xianxia Clothing

xianxia clothing

Taoist xianxia novel is a new kind of novel style in recent years. It grew out of martial arts, similar to the fantasy magic world, and popular on the network. Someone calls it supernatural immortal novels.

Xianxia clothing generally uses plain pure colors; there are not too many duplicate patterns and decorations. It means that these people have separated themselves from ordinary life and pursued a higher spiritual world.

2. Wuxia Clothing

wuxia clothing film

Wuxia novel builds up a wild world & fighting community, Jianghu.

Someone said that the swordsman was a dream of the modern people. But Chinese martial arts film always implied the rooted Chinese cultural ethic, which supported the whole spirit frame of a martial arts kingdom in its performing tussles and twisting story narration.

wuxia hanfu clothing

The best wuxia stories revolve around the balance of potentially conflicting elements, such as action and comedy, love and revenge, or the historical and the fantastical.

In a way, wearing wuxia clothes means defending justice and freedom. Just remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

3. Swordman Clothing

hero swordman clothing

I usually am not interested in historical movies, but somehow I'm always interested in knowing more about the history of the establishment of the great ancient empire.

Starting with Hero, directed by Zhang Yimou in 2002, directors have worked out House of Flying Daggers, The Banquet, and Curse of The Golden Flower, many grand movies in only several years.

Put on the swordman uniform, ancient Chinese robe, the soldier acted like a real hero. Though it's a fighting movie, you can hardly see thrilling violence or brutal murder; their battle is like a beautiful dance.

Now historical films are very popular, and they all attempt to recreate the legend period in which they are set.

4. Court Dress

Palace fighting dramas emphasize the characters' language features, which not only create historical context but also express modem feelings. Currently, court dramas are popular, which is due to the ups and downs of the story and its unique narrative language.

Chinese court dress

Palace clothing is always inseparable from luxury, must use the best materials, the best technology, the best Chinese patterns, which is a great test of the designer's ability. A princess's formal dress, from design to make, will take at least three months. It uses a lot of high-end materials, gold, silver and gem, and the cost is super high.

Commonly, a fancy palace dress is sent to a museum after the film is finished.

5. Kungfu Outfit

shaolin kungfu outfit

What is your favorite kungfu movie?

When I was young, I was obsessed with kung fu films, absorbing the performances of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen and fantasizing about taking revenge on bullies in my village.

If you want to learn kung fu, you must have a proper kung fu costume that allows you to make smooth movements while protecting you from injury.

Action director provided the skill factors of the kungfu movie, and to some extent, as well as the artistic elements to the swordsman movie. There are some difficult moves in kungfu. But if you don't give up and practice regularly with proper guidance, you can learn it faster.

The Wuxia Clothing is Becoming A New Trend

The world of martial arts in the swordsman fiction is an idealist society that drifts away from the conservative society, that is out of the restrictions of the state and the conventions, and is a Utopian unreal world based on "Chivalry" and "Righteousness".

Do you like the Wuxia world? The martial arts hero themes and Chinese traditional cultural elements really intrigue me.

Life is always changing with fashion. And the change of trend is that you will be left behind if you are distracted. As long as you don't watch it for a while, it will outbreak a new trend.

Little time ago, most of the girls were still advocating the elegant court style dress, but maybe in the twinkling of an eye, they were obsessed with the martial arts style.

wuxia clothing fashion

The pretty style clothing of wuxia always has a strong attraction in it, is the unique martial arts culture of ancient China. It helps people to enter an imaginary world with the purest human nature and pursuit!

Women in the East always give you the impression that they are tender, but in Chinese martial arts, women can also be full of wild and upright.

Nowadays, martial arts have been valued by more and more people, and some people are involved in the related industry. When Xianxia novels, Wuxia films, Hanfu animes, and international fashion are integrated, they can create a romance that will be unprecedented.

Wuxia clothing shows a different Chinese culture to the public today, and tell people what is called martial arts world!

What is the Wuxia Clothing Called in Martial Arts World?
What is the Wuxia Clothing Called in Martial Arts World?

What is Wuxia and Jianghu World

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