How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

Hanfu is the general name for traditional Chinese costumes of various dynasties, and it is known for its complicated system and rich and varied style, which not only has a deep historical heritage, but also its unique aesthetic value.

Therefore, in recent years, many people are more and more favorable to hanfu, and the tolerance of the society is getting bigger and bigger, so hanfu is also used in more common life scenes. Some simple and generous hanfu can even be worn for the workday, fashionable.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

In this article, we'll take a look at those hanfu outfits that are suitable for commuting and working days, and teach you how to easily wear hanfu outfits for the workday



Trend of Hanfu

Hanfu is a traditional dress with a classical form, and most of its clothes are designed to be flowing, but there are also many designs that are closer to daily life.

For example, the simple shape of the Song Beizi (褙子), the design of the lapel is very cool to wear in summer. Or the Ming Pipa sleeves Ao (袄), sleeve shape elegant and generous, very intellectual.

In addition, there are also some Xuan Qun (旋裙) and Zhe Qun (褶裙) that are very much in line with modern aesthetics and do not look abrupt in daily life, but have a retro feeling.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

Thus, in recent years, the design of hanfu has become more and more focused on connecting with modern life, and although it is still based on the traditional form, the design of some details has become more and more humane and modern.

Therefore, it is perfectly fine to wear hanfu for commuting and workday, as long as choosing the right style, everyone is a fashion trendsetter.



Tips for wearing hanfu for workday

Don't choose overly exaggerated elements

Workday wear needs to be simple, the simpler the look the more aesthetically interesting it is. So don't choose overly exaggerated elements for workday, such as the big pleats on the Mamian Qun or the big hem on the Ruqun. We should start from simple to complex, and reflect the idea of matching through the "layers" of dressing.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

The workplace hanfu dressing needs to reflect professionalism and rigor. For this reason, we can choose the "Ming-style Pipa Sleeve Duijin Shan (明制琵琶袖对襟衫)" as top. It has a high collar and is decorated with buttons, so you can wear it with a sense of elegance and rigor.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

The Zhuyao (主腰) of the vintage color scheme can be worn on top of it, and the layers of the outfit will be richer. The skirt can try the "Song style Xuan Qun", this skirt waistline high and show the leg length, suitable for the workplace wear.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

Don't forget the classic color scheme

The simpler the color scheme, the more advanced it tends to be, and "black and white" is the unchanging classic of workplace dressing. When matching black and white clothing must show a sense of transition.

We can choose to use the fabric to create a rich sense of transition, such as this set of Duijin Ao (对襟袄) using a light gauze fabric, which will show the white inside.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

This see-through design is the highlight of the outfit, which can quickly catch the eye of others and help you quickly establish a sense of presence in the workplace.

The lower skirt is longer, basically covering the ankles and showing thinness. At the same time the long skirt also looks more elegant than the short skirt, then if you match a pair of high heels, you can make you more intellectual and mature, more in line with the workplace atmosphere.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday



More hanfu style for workday

Choose a striking color scheme

Newcomers in the workplace need to be quickly remembered by colleagues and leaders, and this is where a good outfit can help a lot. The black and white we introduced earlier is versatile, but after all, the vividness of the color is low and not bright enough.

If you want to wear a more advanced bright, you must pay attention to the following points.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

First of all, the overall color scheme should not exceed three, it is recommended to 1-2 colors for the main color large area use, and then choose a bright color for the embellishment color, used to highlight the focus.

Second, we try to avoid the color saturation too high fluorescent color, when matching some of the bright colors, must be complemented by a calm and low key dark colors to do the transition.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

For example, this set of Song-style Moxiong (抹胸) and Zhe Qun (褶裙) are more bright orange, so it is outside and deliberately with the most inclusive black Beizi (褙子). The "black + orange" match looks comfortable and advanced, is the model of color matching in the workplace.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

Choose a casual hanfu style

The casual style is more suitable for those who need to go out often in the workplace.

We need to pay attention to "layers" first, for example, this set of Song-style Duijin short Ao and long Beizi overlap, especially the visual hierarchy. And there is a bow and arrow shaped dark pattern on it, with a bit of Jianghu atmosphere.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

The bottom is a "Song style two-piece skirt", which is very fashionable and has a moderate length. We can also mix and match a pair of Martin boots under the hanfu, the overall style will be more spontaneous and "cool".

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday

Choice of material for Workday Hanfu Outfits

Be sure to maximize the consideration of comfort. For example, the intimate fabrics are generally natural fabrics, such as suspenders or close-fitting Shan and other materials to choose cotton or silk will be more breathable and sweat-absorbent, while the skin feel excellent especially soft and comfortable.

And the outer layer of clothing decorative fabrics can choose to drape more good chiffon, it is not easy to wrinkle.

How to Match Hanfu Outfits for the Workday



In fact, as society becomes more and more open and inclusive, hanfu will be more accepted and loved by more people, and we will be able to wear it in more scenes in our daily lives, such as study, work, or home, travel is a good choice. Because it is both charming and elegant, but with a modern urban fashion and advanced, it has unlimited potential.

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