A Men Wear Hanfu for 8 Years

Today, we are talking about a magical guy, because he is very obsessed with Hanfu for 8 years, and in order to wear Hanfu, he has stayed his long hair for 4 years. What's the story of wearing Hanfu every day?

Let's take a look!

He is only 23 years old, wearing a Hanfu is very ancient. From the beginning of junior high school, he watched the Hanfu on TV. He thought that Hanfu is very traditional and has a feeling of traditional nationality, so he began to obsess with Hanfu from that time. Hanfu is a traditional national costume that has been inherited by the Han people for more than 4,000 years. It gives a fresh feeling to him.

A Men Wear Hanfu for 8 Years

In order to make Hanfu more beautiful, he began to keep his hair. Opened his home wardrobe, all are Hanfu clothes, there are more than 30 sets of various styles, all kinds of colors, the habit of buying Hanfu, the love of Hanfu, is obsessed.

A Men Wear Hanfu for 8 Years

Whether it is cold winter or hot summer, he insists on wearing Hanfu to go out. Everyone has paid a lot of attention to him, and he has become the "Starman".

A Men Wear Hanfu for 8 Years

How do you understand Hanfu? If you see a guy walking in the street wearing a Chinese costume, what do you think?


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