The Hanfu Etiquette You Should be Focusing on

Hanfu costume is not only the costume of the Han Dynasty, but the national costume of Han nationality. After more than 300 years of vicissitudes of life, it was annihilated in history and forgotten by future generations.

The Hanfu Etiquette You Should be Focusing on

Nowadays, many people still mistakenly believe that Hanfu clothes were eliminated naturally because of the inconvenience of their broad gowns and sleeves. It has been misread as an ancient costume, ridiculed as traversing, acting, making a show, and even recognized as kimono and hanbok costume.

Characteristics of Hanfu

Is it true that Hanfu clothes only have an appearance? Are there any details that can express Chinese traditional culture?

The main feature of Hanfu is:

  • Crossed-collar with the right pattern
  • Restrain the waist by ropes
  • Loose clothes with long-wide sleeves

Han clothes give people a feeling of chic and free temperament. These characteristics are not only different from the costumes of other nationalities, but also the kimonos and Korean hanbok costumes produced by the influence of Chinese costumes in neighboring countries.

The Hanfu Etiquette You Should be Focusing on

Small details are hidden in the Shenyi

The common Shenyi (深衣) is that the upper and lower clothes are linked together, with different colors of cloth as the edge, so that the body hidden, graceful, and elegant.

The wide sleeves of deep clothes are circular and the collar is quadrangular, which means "no square without rules". The belt at the waist symbolizes that a man should be balanced and upright.

The Hanfu Etiquette You Should be Focusing on

The top is made of four pieces of cloth, symbolizing the four seasons of the year. Twelve pieces of cloth are used to symbolize twelve months in a year. Human life conforms to the order of four seasons and twelve months.

The Hanfu Etiquette You Should be Focusing on

Hanfu is hoping that through this external visual expression, more and more people, including the next generation of young people, should not forget their traditional culture.

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