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  • Wow, you are skilled

    I have no idea what I did here. Something for sure. #illustrations
  • Sword Snow Stride

    Anyone can recommend some worth-watching fantasy wuxia anime?
  • I just finished watching, and Chengong and Huangyu had a great matchup! Although it is a spy and power-themed drama, the martial arts part is not weak at all, and it even beats most martial arts dramas perfectly.

    Absolutely perfect drama
  • If it is a martial arts drama, I am afraid that my martial arts skills are not enough to support me to live until the end of the first episode. 😂

    Chinese Drama of 2022
  • Yuanlingpao! and the posters' creativity is fantastic

    Poster of Royal Nirvana
  • Lanzhan's costume in the drama, is similar to the hanfu daopao, i think. Or most common hanfu robe.

    Anyone who know how to make handmade Swordsman?
  • The blue part is similar to the jiaoling top of the hanfu, only more slimming.

    The white part is somewhat similar to the long beizi of hanfu, but it needs some alterations. It's equivalent to a long sleeveless vest.

    😂but I'm not sure about the waistband and the lower part.

    Anyone who know how to make handmade Swordsman?
  • Because unlike modern society, we can choose the style or color of clothing we like, whereas in ancient times, there were usually many restrictions

    Different seasons for Hanfu
  • My speculation: In ancient China, ordinary people probably only had simple clothing styles, which only increased and decreased with the weather.

    The clothing of the nobility (modern hanfu is probably closer) had a wider variety of styles to suit different occasions or seasons. For example, the contrast between the costumes of the main characters and the people in the drama series based on ancient China.

    Different seasons for Hanfu
  • If it can be fitted with candles or lights, it is the perfect piece.

    Simple lantern DIY