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  • Hanfu Culture: Traditional Beauty Marching Towards the World

    08:00 Author:Ling

    01 Hanfu in Suriname

    Wearing of Hanfu has been popular abroad for some time. However, in this Hanfu-themed cultural event jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Suriname and the China Silk Museum, the ambassador to Suriname personally wore Hanfu to promote Chinese Hanfu and silk culture. Hanfu has become an important business card in international cultural exchanges, and its influence continues to expand, reaching out to the world. On the evening of April 30, the Chinese Embassy in Suriname held this Hanfu-themed cultural event, which attracted more than 400 participants, including Surinamese political figures, diplomats from various countries, media and representatives from the overseas Chinese community. Chinese Ambassador to Suriname Han Jing wore Ming-style Hanfu to welcome guests, and in his speech, he emphasized that silk and Hanfu are iconic cultural symbols of Chinese civilization. As representatives of outstanding craftsmanship, silk and Hanfu reflect the prosperity and harmony of ancient China, as well as the unremitting pursuit of a better life by the Chinese nation. Ambassador Han also pointed out that silk and Hanfu represent not only China, but also Suriname and the whole world. The Chinese who settled in Suriname 170 years ago have inherited Chinese culture from generation to generation, and have made indelible contributions to cultural exchanges with local ethnic groups and to the local community. Throughout the event, 24 models from China and Suriname wore elegant and dignified Hanfu, reproducing classic scenes such as "Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk" and "Han Xizai's Night Banquet" on the T-stage, as well as Ming Dynasty murals from the Fahai Temple and Ming Dynasty wedding costumes. This undoubtedly set off the climax of the event and won applause from the Surinamese people.  

    02 Hanfu & Association Boyan

    In April of this year, the Association Boyan hosted a Hanfu fashion show at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This was the first time that traditional Hanfu appeared on such a high-level international political and cultural stage. The show coincided with the 35th anniversary of UNESCO's Silk Road, and various countries' delegations also performed at the scene. As the final program of the Chinese delegation, Hanfu became the focus of the show. The Hanfu show showcased the beauty of Hanfu from the Qin and Han dynasties to the Ming dynasty, showcasing the charm of Hanfu to the world. Hanfu embodies the expression of human personality and is an important popular element. The promotion of Hanfu should be combined with traditional culture to attract more young people and designers to participate, making China's outstanding traditional culture more beautiful, rich, and enduring. As a business card that showcases Chinese cultural confidence, Hanfu has become the focus of the world's attention. Through the efforts of countless people, Hanfu, which carries the dreams of young people, is showcasing the charm of traditional costumes to the world, and transmitting more youthful energy.

    Hanfu Culture: Traditional Beauty Marching Towards the World

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  • 2023 the First Sichuan-Langzhong Hanfu Festival Was Successfully Held

    08:00 Author:Ling

    The first Chinese National Costume Exhibition and Sichuan-Langzhong Hanfu Festival were successfully held in the ancient city of Langzhong, leaving wonderful memories of Hanfu in this thousand-year-old city! With Hanfu as the theme and intangible cultural heritage as the core, this event contains more than 40 activities such as costume square show of each dynasty, traditional etiquette display, thematic cultural activities, intangible cultural heritage seminar, hanfu design competition launching ceremony, hanfu wedding, hanfu matchmaking conference; Hanfu Culture Week initiator and famous lyricist Fang Wenshan visited the event and gave a speech. The Sichuan-Langzhong Hanfu Festival attracted tens of thousands of hanfu culture enthusiasts and tourists from all over the country, enhancing the cultural tourism awareness of Langzhong and injecting new vitality into the cultural tourism industry of Langzhong. Langzhong Hanfu Festival is an event aimed at promoting traditional Chinese culture and passing on Hanfu culture. As an event held by the creative team of Hanfu Culture Week advocated by Fang Wenshan, it has been successfully held for several sessions and attracted a large number of participants and followers. It has led to the inheritance and development of hanfu culture. As a hanfu-themed event, Langzhong Hanfu Festival inherits and develops hanfu culture by holding exhibitions, tournaments, and performances. It not only provides a platform for the majority of enthusiasts to show their hanfu, but also promotes the inheritance and development of hanfu culture. Hanfu is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, and wearing hanfu not only can feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, but also can enhance one's cultural self-confidence. Langzhong Hanfu Festival provides a platform to display personal charm and cultural self-confidence, which is conducive to cultivating a sense of cultural identity in the younger generation. The Langzhong Hanfu Festival is held in the ancient city of Langzhong in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, a historical and cultural city that is itself a tourist destination. Holding the Langzhong Hanfu Chronicle will help promote the tourism economy of the ancient city and attract more tourists to visit and experience it. According to the official news of Langzhong Ancient City, in September this year, Langzhong aancient city will hold the "China-Color" Hanfu Costume Launch.

    2023 the First Sichuan-Langzhong Hanfu Festival Was Successfully Held

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