Share Your Hanfu Moments (W10) - Closed

We'll host a series of free Hanfu Giveaways (Share your Hanfu Moments) in the Hanfu Moment Group. Choose a topic, post your Hanfu moment, for a chance to win a free Hanfu set and jewelry!

Share Your Hanfu Moments (W10) Activity Date: December 03 0:00 - December 09 24:00 (EST).

1. Join "Hanfu Moment" in Newhanfu Group (
2. Create a post related to the Hanfu.
3. Try to get more Likes and Comments.

Post with the Most Likes and Comments (each week)
1. First place: a free Hanfu set.
2. Second place: a free Hanfu jewelry.
We will announce the winners once a week.

Reference Topic:
#Hanfu for Christmas
#Winter Hanfu
#My favorite Hanfu style
#My favorite Hanfu model
#My favorite Hanfu drama
#My favorite Hanfu accessories
#My favorite Hanfu makeup
#My favorite DIY Hanfu
#My Hanfu Look

Just for reference, you post any topics about Hanfu.

* Participating posts must be published in the Hanfu Moments group.
* For more information, please check: (


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