Hanfu Promotion Video “Unterwegs” for 2020

2020 is a challenging year, but that can’t stop us from working hard to achieve our goals and aspirations.

The VCTK e.V. is continuing efforts in promoting Hanfu culture with the latest video for 2020.

The latest promotion video is called “Unterwegs (洫上有途)”, which is inspired by the Zhou Ritual. The widespread of Hanfu culture is just like the small canals in the fields, which are constantly opening up and converging, from small streams to surging rivers.

The video was shot in many cities in Germany, including Berlin, Potsdam, Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg, where many Hanfu enthusiasts gathered to show the beauty of Chinese culture.



Live Photos - From the 8th Xitang Hanfu Culture Week

2020-11-4 11:00:09


Harvest Autumn & Hanfu Girls

2020-11-16 11:00:31

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