The Rise of Brand Li Ning - after Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week, which originated in 1910, is one of the most prestigious fashion weeks in the world today.

Not long ago when China's brand Li Ning appeared at New York Fashion Week, someone said, "When will Li Ning make it to Paris Fashion Week, that will be really great." Good thing Li Ning didn't keep everyone waiting for too long, soon the brand made its debut at Paris Fashion Week with its Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

If New York Fashion Week is the prelude, Paris Fashion Week is the official chapter of Li Ning's take-off.

In fact, after New York Fashion Week, Li Ning's products triggered a rush to buy, the show's same style hoodie on the offline store attracted many enthusiasts to line up to purchase. It is true that national products always have to go through all kinds of questioning when it comes to the innovative design of the brand. But it's good to be strict, and it's with this high standard that the amazing China Li Ning has come into being.

With a stunning appearance at New York Fashion Week, Li Ning did not stop there, but prepared for the next big show - Paris Fashion Week. Some of the spy shots that came out during the period have caused a lot of buzz online.

From the comments of the netizens, it is not difficult to feel the unlimited expectations of the watchers for Li Ning's performance at the Paris Fashion Week.

One of the shoes named "Liejun Ace" has attracted the attention of many sports fans, as Li Ning's representative running shoe series, each new pair of "Liejun" series attracts the wallets of many runners. The newly exposed "Liejun Ace" shoe continues the exaggerated tech sense and strong colors of the pedigree, the shoe also has a fascinating retro vibe, a trendy design that will really take the shoe from the runway to the street.

Last year, Li Ning made a strong landing at Paris Fashion Week with its Spring/Summer 2019 collection. The theme of the new season is "China Li Ning", inspired by the legendary career of Mr. Li Ning himself, which pays homage to the retro sports trend of the 90s with a future perspective.

In addition to the domestic roar, what do foreign friends think of Li Ning's power in the trend circle? Supermodel Bella Hadid's heartfelt rendition speaks for itself! Bella Hadid, who has more than 18 million followers on her personal social network, appeared in Paris with a white Li Ning T-shirt that was particularly eye-catching.

As China's top sports brand, Li Ning has caught our attention not just for how many fashion weeks it's been on, but more for how much the entire brand's core values have improved after the runway. It is this increase in brand value that makes us look forward to the innovative design of Li Ning and even the entire Chinese independent brand.

A good brand and a good piece of work can't be done without a good designer, Sean Suen, Angus Chiang, Yixun Jiang, and Sankuanz Shangguan Che. Their works have attracted countless people's love, Li Ning's works also have a trendy atmosphere and are sought after by young people, which also makes Li Ning brand clothing prices rise.

As China's most famous young designers, they have no doubt made a big splash at the Paris show, allowing more people to get to know them. At the same time, some of the trendy youths got to know these great designers in-depth and even bought their other works.

Li Ning brand has changed the style of the past, becoming more high-end and more international, do you like the new product? And what do you think of these young and talented designers?

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