Why More and More Foreigners Settling in China?

With the rapid development of China, it is not difficult to find that in recent years, many foreigners have stayed in China, or even settled in China for a long time. Why would these people choose to come to China to work and settle, rather than anywhere else?

How about taking a look at how these people respond!

1. Delicious Chinese Food

An American girl said that she had lived in China for five years, initially as an exchange student for one year, but what she didn't expect was that she wouldn't want to leave at the end of the year. After a short time back in the United States, she came back to China to work, hoping to eat Chinese food every day, not just fries and burgers, and in the future she said she would bring all her family to live in China.

2. Convenient Mobile Payment

Another girl from Canada responded that Chinese WeChat was so convenient that she lost contact with her Chinese friends once she returned to Canada, and that she found Chinese technology to be very advanced, as well as the convenient Alipay.

And Chinese people don't need to take anything with them when they go out, they just need a mobile phone, even if the phone is out of battery, you can still see the shared charging treasure in many stores, you just need to scan to recharge the battery, which is really unmatched in any country!

3. China is Very Safe

The most important point, however, is that China is quite safe, as mentioned by most netizens. Many foreign netizens claim that there is no difference between day and night in China because there are lights everywhere and there are so many cameras on the streets of China that even if the bad guys do something bad, they will be caught by the police very quickly. This is simply too safe for China compared to other countries!

Indeed, there are many foreigners currently living and settling in China and having great success in their careers, after all China is a super big market. It is believed that as China continues to develop, more and more foreigners will come to China to travel, work and live.

So what's your favorite part of life in China, feel free to leave a comment.

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