The 8 Most Popular Cat Breeds in China

Although many people are now pursuing famous and expensive cats, I think it's fine to have a pet as long as you like it. The breed doesn't matter, any cat can bring you joy, the common cat is also smart, beautiful and cute.

Do you know any breeds of cats in China? Check out the list of popular cat breeds in China below to see if there's one you know.

1. Chinese Civet Cat

The Chinese Civet is the only indigenous natural breed of Chinese cats to be recognized by the world, which is the success of the CFA China Great Wall Cat Club after six years of tireless efforts.

The civet cat is a breed that has survived thousands of years of superiority. They look a bit like American short-tailed cats, but with a more imposing look. This cat is more independent and self-confident, but is very loyal and dependent on its owner.

2. Yellow Civet Cat

Yellow civet cats, originated in southern China, with a pure yellow mottled pattern, so also known as Chinese tiger cats. Yellow civet cats can be divided into long-haired and short-haired, with beautiful markings, and because of their cool resemblance to wild civet markings, we usually call them civet flower markings.

The yellow beaver cat, also known as the orange cat, has a great appetite and is easy to keep fat. In the meantime, it is currently applying for an international purebred cat.

3. Shandong Lion Cat

The Lion Cat, descended from a cross between the Persian and the Lusi Beaver cats, is one of the most popular cats in the Chinese cat breed. Among the breeds, one blue-eyed and one yellow-eyed lion cat is the most prized, and people call it the "Taiji eye lion cat." Its blue eyes were crystal clear, and its yellow eyes glittered with gold, clear and transparent.

Lion cats have a gentle temperament, with huge individuals, long, soft fur, long ears and legs, a rounded waist and thick tail, and agile movements.

4. Sichuan Jianzhou Cat

The Sichuan Jianzhou cat comes from today's Janyang, a city located between Chengdu and Chongqing. With its tall, strong body and rapid movements, it can be said to be an expert hunter. In Janyang, Sichuan, the local people use Jianzhou cats as "sacred cats" to stop rats.

Cats in Jianzhou have different fur colors, mostly mixed fur. The split in their ears is more pronounced than in other cats and looks like they have grown four ears, hence the name four-eared cat.

5. Three Flower Cat

The three-flowered cat is one of the most common cats in the Chinese cat breed, which coexists in three colors: black, red (orange) and white.

The color of the three-flowered cat is genetically determined and generally appears only in female cats. But there are a few male cats that have tricolor, but usually such male cats will have reproductive defects.

6. Xuan Cat

The Xuan cat, also known as the black cat, was an auspicious symbol in ancient times, similar to the crow, which was an auspicious bird in olden times.

Ancient people believed that black cats could ward off evil, make demons and devils not dare to approach, and bring good luck to their masters. Therefore, in early times, rich people had the habit of keeping black cats, or placing black cat ornaments.

7. Black & White Cat

Unlike the black and white cat breeds in the UK, there are also black and white native cats in China. People call this cat with a black back, white belly, legs and paws, the "Cloud Covered Snow." Its blue eyes were crystal clear, and its yellow eyes glittered with gold, clear and transparent.

Black and white cats are very popular and are bred throughout the country.

8. Great White Cat

The Chinese Great White Cat is native to Linqing, Shandong Province. Due to its snowy white body, it is one of the most popular pet cats in the Chinese cat breed, which is loved and appreciated by cat lovers, especially girls, all over the country.

Great white cats have large and bright eyes, with blue-green, orange and other eye colors, and sometimes a blue and green eye color.

These are the 8 most popular local cats in China, and if you want to try to get a pet cat lately, you can go to a pet store near you and get to know them up close.

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